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Re: Two suggestions to instantly improve game balance

by Marine_CorporaI

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Re: Two suggestions to instantly improve game balance

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@iLikeToSnipe21 wrote:


I don't know how much experience you have in the RTS genre, why/how you play this game, etc; so I won't make any assumptions and just start at the basics.


The average player wants to win. That's their goal. They are going to do whatever they can to improve their odds at winning. Let's say you're in Tib league, that means you have EIGHT DIFFERENT MAPS that can be randomly selected. There are simply too many variables to build a deck around. The only variable you can count on is that you won't have a deck optimized for the map you're playing.


So if you want to win you have to focus on that one variable. You will want to build a deck that's balanced and has strategic/tactical options on any of the maps. This actually leads to a very stale meta. Tech units are not a good pick at all for a balanced deck. So they get left out and players end up focusing on the units you get from the war factory. Yes, you can run into some players who don't play that way. But if you're of equal skill and have a balanced deck you are most likely going to win. Your chances of losing go up when they get lucky and the map favors their deck over yours.


Having an option to pick from one of three decks you've built after seeing a map increases the variety of units that you can competitively use. The way maps affect deck choices goes beyond "aggro vs tech". Even as GDI there are some maps in Tib league that favor MG squads over snipers, and others that favor snipers over MGs.


Let me break this out into a list:


  1. The majority of players play to win
  2. In order to win, you must have a deck that isn't crippled by the map you're playing on
  3. There is a large pool of maps that are randomly chosen
  4. Relying on a less than 50% chance that your specialized deck won't be crippled is a losing strategy
  5. Players will gravitate towards a singular meta leading to stale, boring gameplay

I hope this makes it clearer, but it's really simple. Random maps lead to choosing between a stale meta or relying on luck.


Besides, what's more entertaining? Immediately having the upper hand because you got lucky or pitting your skill against an opponent on a level playing field?

I don’t agree for dozens of reasons.

I simply don’t feel like listing them all out.


Letting people see the map they play on before going into the battle removes lucky from the game.

I think having luck in the game is a good thing.

You think having luck in the game is a bad thing because it can cause disadvantages.

I think disadvantages lead to opportunities for both skill & unskillful players.


I have played games with no luck involved at all.

Chess for example has no luck.

A very skillful player will always beat an unskillful player.

The result is the unskilled player will either improve or quit.

Most people end up quitting.


The elemental of luck allows the unskillful player the chance to win even if he is outplayed in the fight.

This helps the game as a whole.

This is why games like Poker are extremely popular vs. games like Chess or Checker.



You add more deck slots.

You show players maps before the fight.

You remove luck from the game.


The superior players will micro skills, deck design, & deck crafting will be number 1.

Everyone else will be number 2.

If you actually love playing this game, you shouldn’t want the game to be like that.


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Re: Two suggestions to instantly improve game balance

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@XPlayerJ Luck only applies to people without a balanced deck the way the system is now where you can’t see the map and only have 6 slots.

If you have a balanced deck, it’s the same as looking at the map first. You still need a balanced deck either way.

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