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Re: Tw crashing ALOT

by KyJoe_Cool

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Tw crashing ALOT

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Past three tw now, about every 4th battle is a hard crash, its unplayable. was fine now it isnt, only change was last update. seems to be mainly when there is a tw going on. the whole guild is having trouble so were all restarting alot before fighting in hopes of minimizing losses fresh boot, absoloutly nothing else running, no backround refresh etc. even with all these precautions i lost two teams and a fleet as well as an arena fleet battle that happened to be around same time. not even counting the 5 or 6 crashes just navigating around screens today. look, alot of us have nowhere to use our rosters except tw. if the battle crashes u dont get to use that team again. the rest of the game focuses on 3 or 4 teams. if tw is unplayable no point continuing this. alot of people will just delete this game and move on. more than a few frommy guild already have. only because tw crashing during battles.


Also the suggested fix is “use airplane mode”. Never mind that is not an acceptable solution for any game. It would cause the game to restart just by minimising to turn it back on! Its that unstable lately.


Ok so the net is buzzing with rumours of new chars new game modes and we’ll see it all trickle into our beloved tw. I have had issues with tw especially during tw, they are serious.
Of course answers hq is hard at work solving all of them even as we speak. Rather than comment on my woes i have a geniune suggestion. It will help TW and probably the whole game.

Add a feature in options. A gfx dial!!! Suprised this has never been added really. Mobile ganes often try to do alot more with way less. Compared to pc gaming. 
Let users decide how much bells, whistles, and cool space cgi to include. Users can crank it up to enjoy maximum visual experience. Or turn it down (jus a little) to improve stability. Most games have had this forever! 
I think one of the worst culprits is that little camera zoom half the screens do when you open them. Especially the main cantina screen!!! At least let us turn that off. The screens that dont have it load instantly with no lag

I love star wars and want to play every single new game mode. Im just afraid my 2018 device wont be able to handle much more!! These views are just my opinion i hope they are considered

thank you.

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Re: Tw crashing ALOT

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I’ve had the same issues over the past 4 TW. I’ve had 3 fights end in app crashes. This leads to the kind of numbers that will get you booted out of a competitive guild. The app is unstable. 

To be clear, that’s 3 battles in this TW alone that have ended in an app cras.

Update: Two more crashes in three more tries. This is ridiculous

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Re: Tw crashing ALOT

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It happened to me every time TW is active for months now. I had seven crashes during the last TW and 4 in the current one, last one just 10 minutes ago. This always happens when TW is up, regardless which mode you're playing. It comes down to "TW active = unstable app" for the time being, after TW ends it goes back to normal.

This happens to hundreds if not thousands of people, regardless of device, country, internet connection and so on. That's not only frustrating, it kills the fun in total step by step.

From what i've seen this happens since Grand Arena was introduced. It was stated that there were massive problems with it at the start but this was fixed (at least that's what we were told), for me there's a connection between those modes and the techncal problems.

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Re: Tw crashing ALOT

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Man this post is still on the first page
What a joke
This whole answers hq is just a big oubliette
No ones going to even waste their time coming here


Bad as ever crashes galore, unstable app
Only during tw and always during tw


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Re: Tw crashing ALOT

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I was told by EA Game Support to post in the forums about my issue. Seems like the other posters have the game issues I’m having. Looks like it started around the same time: 4 TWs ago. I think that times with the QoL update.


ive done everything: deleted the app, reinstalled it, deleted the game app data, along with other apps game data. I’ve shut down all apps running on my phone. I’ve used another phone to play the game, all with updated iPhone software and no apps running.


i have an open ticket that details my issues. I’ve done everything on my end to troubleshoot my problem.


my problem only exists in TW. I can fight ten arena battles or more in a row with no crashing. The same goes for GA. I’ve fought all my battles at once without a game crash. 


As soon as TW goes live, my game slows down every other part of my game play. Every couple battles causes a crash in TW. It’s completely random for me. 

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Re: Tw crashing ALOT

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I wouldn’t mind the crashing itself if it didn’t completely screw me over. I pick a battle, kill half the opponent team and then the game crashes. Whatever. Booting the game up after the crash to see my team used up and the enemy completely reset to a full team with full protection? That sucks.

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Re: Tw crashing ALOT

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What’s the update on this issue? I can’t even play TW anymore. It’s been so bad. I get to play 1 out of every 5 TW matches. It is very frustrating!

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Re: Tw crashing ALOT

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Apparently this is a real issue. I’ve been affected by it personally. It’s really frustrating. There have been several threads on the forums about this very thing. They say to post here on answers hq. It’s been bothering me so much simply due to the fact that it happens to me every tw that I outlined it in my own post in the bug reports section. Maybe if people post there this thing will finally get some kind of response and ultimately be resolved.
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