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Trophy rewards imbalanced much?

by TheBacksider

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Trophy rewards imbalanced much?

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As of now, I am a level 16 player with 2070 GDI trophies and 1330 Nod trophies. I remember on a few occasions getting a Challenge Mode in a game where “enemy player has higher level cards”. I would lose no trophies if I lost and win double if I had a victory.


This, to me, sounds totally legit. The problem is I just lost a game to a player as a GDI, not in Challenge Mode, that was using Juggernaughts (GDI) and Mammoth Tanks! That means the enemy player was AT LEAST level 59, I repeat that I am level 16.


The enemy player’s cards were at least level 9 while mine lay around 5-7. I lost 18 trophies in that clearly unbalanced game. What the hell is up with that trophy system!?

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Re: Trophy rewards imbalanced much?

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Alright, 2 things to unpack here.


1) Some players played before certain units were unlocked in higher tiers. So they could get these units earlier than players now can. This caused some balance issues, and that is why they are now locked as they are. But you can't just take units away from players that earned them legit. So instead, these players no longer get MORE cards for those units, but can still play them in their current levels. 


2) Challenge battles for LEVELS use a hidden mechanic of comparing your average unit levels to the league cap. If your average is not within 3 levels of this cap, you no longer qualify for a LEVEL based challenge battle. 


Sorry you had to go through that, don't take it personally, and keep on being awesome! Hope this helps!

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