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Re: Too Much Cursing -- Forbidden Words

by troshalom

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Too Much Cursing -- Forbidden Words

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Since I added the Parenthood GP all sims (except toddlers) are cursing almost all the times, including Patchy the scarecrow, across multiple save files including new saves I created after installed Parenthood.


Most recently my sim family (Landgraab), the pet Racoon knocked trash out of the garbage can. I had Geoffrey discipline her for that behavior so she could learn not to do that. He disciplined her then he cursed her out.

  1. As a pet owner, using foul language while correcting inappropriate behavior is does not result in encouraging proper behavior it, results in a pet terrified of its owner/hoomin
  2. I prefer a cuss free game. I do not play mean spirited/evil sims (I don't select those traits in CAS and if I play an existing family like the Landgraabs, I change their traits)
  3. I know Parenthood has added in behavior that parents need to discipline in their children, to develop their character and their parenting skills, however I did not expect this behavior to spill over to adult sims and special NPCs like Patchy. Even Father Winter curses.

Request: Prevent cursing in sims that are not in the immediate family and only for the purposes of correcting the bad behavior during a phase, and restrict cursing in adults unless directed to curse. NPCs like Patchy and Father Winter should not be cursing ever.


Below is a cross section of issues I observed in during game play:


I reluctantly purchased the parenthood pack, because I had an erratic sim with an alien toddler whose relationship was horrid. I didn't have a way to (or know of a way to) discipline her nor improve his parenting skills.

However, I regret adding it, because now everyone is cursing all the time for no reason: Sweet reasonable Patchy, is swearing up a storm. Beautiful sweet children are cussing for random reasons. Adults who aren't traited with being hotheaded or evil are always cussing. Toddlers are extremely angry and defiant all the time. I have my sims visit homes with toddlers and those babies are always angry, destroying the doll house, punching the stuff animal and throwing paint everywhere. Come on, it is too much.

I get it that parents need to disciple their children, but can we dial back this constant cursing and slinging of paint everywhere?

In one sim family I invited children to a wedding and before the bride and groom could take pictures and walk down the aisles these random children were throwing paint, flour, and chocolate down the aisle! I had my sim tell them to all go home, but it was sad, because I really wanted them at the wedding.

I love playing generations, and was enamored with the dimensions EA gave to the toddlers in TS4. But I hate what Parenthood has done to toddlers and children.

In another sim family my alien sim and his human girlfriend had triplets. They married after the toddlers became children and moved in together. The children learned absolutely no values while with their mother (I wasn't playing her household). After a few sim days, I just aged the kids up to teenagers because I couldn't take the constant cussing and paint slinging happening multiple times a day. And don't forget about the monsters under the bed several times a night. Now in households I play that I want to raise a generation I no longer use single beds, I only use doubles because those dog on monster events were happening several times a night and my sims were always tired. Even when the sim child befriended the monster, they would be awaken again the same night by the monster and be terrified. Too much.

EA, I am all for realistic game play, but not every child/toddler in every family behaves like this. I thought the traits were supposed to control the child's behavior along with guidance. Seriously, in another sim family, the baby aged up to toddler and 5 minutes after learning to walk started slinging paint on the floor. The kid just literally learned how to walk, like 5 minutes ago was in a crib, where did it get the paint?

Finally, I have had enough of toddlers waking up out of a dead sleep and waking up every single adult that is not a member of their household. Seriously, my sim and his girlfriend along with their twin toddlers went on vacation. The twins woke their father up every time he went to sleep. Mother sleeping right next to him in the bed, she doesn't bat an eye nor wake up.

I created a lot with tents, etc that mimics a camp site for a home world, and invited 7 sims over to the lot including the twin toddlers. Whenever adult sims, who weren't members of their household, would fall asleep they would cry and wake them up and then go back into the tent and sleep.

This is cruel and unusual punishment EA. Parenthood has pulled all of the fun out of toddlers that I had before I purchased that game pack.

Please tweak whatever code, if/then scenario you have in place for toddlers and children when it comes to bad behavior. It is just too much.

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Re: Too Much Cursing -- Forbidden Words

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@troshalom This all sounds very frustrating, and I would be frustrated as well. I have been playing and testing builds more than playing super-extensively since adding Parenthood, but I have played it enough with toddlers and children to say that I have not noticed this extent of cursing or kid/adult naughtiness in my game. I am inclined to think that it may be a good idea to do some troubleshooting to see if something is a bit buggy in your game.


Can I ask a couple of clarification questions? Do you have any Mods or CC in your game? What packs do you have? Have you tried a game repair? 


I will look around a bit and chat with some 'helpers' to see what else ai can find out about this and will update the thread. In the mean time if I could get that information it will also help me in looking into this. Thank you!

     Repair the game: Open Origin, click 'Game Library' then right-click Sims 4 > Repair Game.

     Delete cache:


I also hate it when the children wake up with nightmares - both because it upsets them and because the process of having a parent or older sibling comfort them is rather fidgety. There is a lovely nightlight in the wall lights that is your solution. I put one near the child's bed, and two if needed. It is the "Coolala, The Defender Wall Light". Standard smile

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Re: Too Much Cursing -- Forbidden Words

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I haven't tried a game repair.


I have all of the EPs now, when I first noticed it I didn't. And all of the GPs except vampires. I don't play with mods, but do have a few CC hair and makeup which should not impact scripting of game play.


I did chat with tech support who said that cursing was added to the bars for StrangerVille.


I just wish I had a toggle off switch in options so I can play a game without it. I don't mind sims getting angry, but, when I play the game I try to step away from reality so it is a stress reliever not a stress inducer.


I'll look into game repair link.


thanks again

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Re: Too Much Cursing -- Forbidden Words

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@troshalom Thank you for the update. If the repair does not work with the CC still left in I would recommend re-doing the repair process while including the removal of the entire mods folder (drag it to your desktop for later reference and delete the mods folder in your The Sims 4 game folder - when you restart the game it will make a new fresh one - and run the repair again, then re-start the game. Even if the CC (or mods, though I know you don't play with them) have nothing that seems to be directly related to an issue they are a code modification and some could have modifications involved that effect other areas of the game. If it doesn't help you can just re-add the CC to the new mod folder. Let us know how it goes. Thanks!

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