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To Noob Beginnings

by dwooten77

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To Noob Beginnings

Okay so I don't use the noob term usually, but it will help understand what I'm saying. Ever since the sale, games have been full of new players. That's great for the longevity of GW2 so thumbs up. Over the past few days I've noticed some refreshing things. New players play the objective at all cost. Regardless of how a lot us including myself, have said how characters should be played. I personally have really enjoyed it. Maps last longer, you get to stay mobile, and your teammates are forced to play the objective. I can't tell you how many times I've been on teams stacked with high level players that consistently lose for camping. I'm guilty as well unless the objective is being compromised. If you're new to the game, and new to the forum, then welcome and thanks for playing!
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Re: To Noob Beginnings

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stop lying dwoon, everybody knows that nobody stands on the payload unless your an all star

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Re: To Noob Beginnings

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I have to admit that on Turf Takeover I do tend to hang back, but not camp or snipe, but that's mostly because I see no sense in rushing to an objective which is heavily defended only to get picked off without capturing even a little bit. At least a portion of the team needs to hang back with a broader perspective to vanquish the defenders and give the team who are rushing the objective a chance at success. I was in a match this morning with at least six Scientists aggressively defending as a team among the Zombies so it was a prerequisite that the Plants advance slowly while pushing back the defense because simple charges into the objective were easily repelled and for awhile they were trying to bottle us up at the spawn.


But you are right- with each new influx of Players we get a good period of teammates more than willing to throw themselves at the objective; I'm even seeing Cactus pushing up tot he front lines.

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Re: To Noob Beginnings

@realitysquared it does take the right team. I try to progressively push the opposing team back in sections. For example I'll divide the current garden in thirds. After each section is cleared I'll progress forward to the next section. Usually I end up at the end of the 2nd section and not advance unless the clock is down to a minute and a half with a lot of garden to capture to help support the objective.
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Re: To Noob Beginnings

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I'm not much a sniper so I tend to push the point or at the very least make sure I'm shooting at the defenders on the point whenever possible. Even as a cactus you can run in there and leave presents (potato mines) behind to help on the assault. As a heavier character like the Citron, Torchwood, All-star, Super Brainz, or an Imp in a mech, I tend to be more aggressive at trying to take the point but as you guys point out, it's never good to attack carelessly, especially alone!


Back in GW1 one reason I never got into the Camo Cactus much was that when I needed to get on the point to help stop the zombies capping it, it was so difficult to hit anyone at point blank! They can still place those lovely potato mines on the point though and they are handy on both attack and defense.


As a healer type you can really help keep people alive while capping as well as helping with advancing the point cap. As a scientist I really like the mega heal ball for this purpose since it has a large AoE heal and can help several teammates at once.

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Re: To Noob Beginnings

[ Edited ]
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i definitely disagree with this. in fact i haven't had so many games end at the second garden. it is getting really annoying. not to mention people capping gardens within the first 20 seconds wasting 6 minutes. 


not to mention i have seen more fails at the very end more than ever as well due to this. it's a complete joke right now.

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Re: To Noob Beginnings

The thing I hate most about new players is that they only ability spam, dont know how to shoot. But for some reason they always know how to 100% accuracy ZPG and shuck shot will remain a mystery.

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Re: To Noob Beginnings

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Seriously about the zpg and shuck shot. Can't count the number of times I've seen one coming at me from across the map and I move to the left or right and it still hits me!
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Re: To Noob Beginnings

★ Guide

I just need to the ZPG easier to aim and hit with compared to the Corn-version?
Or am I just really bad at aiming? I just never seem to hit anyone with Corns missile.

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Re: To Noob Beginnings

[ Edited ]

Well, like me, you just might be bad at aiming!   But yes, you're not the first to observe that the ZPG seems to be a much more reliable hit than the shuck shot.


Rule of shuck shot:  Yours always go astray, but everyone else's seem to land right on you.

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