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Re: To EA Staff from a fan. Lets bridge this communication gap.

by Ascendian

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To EA Staff from a fan. Lets bridge this communication gap.

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I would like to know why us player career and pro clubs fans questions/suggestion go unanswered. This is the Answers HQ. This is the place that your company has set up for us to ask questions freely so long as its relevant to your products. So why is it that the players (including myself) who have pointed out issues with Pro Clubs and Player career do not get your acknowledgement? 


Can you get the dev team to give us a response about their plans for player career and pro clubs and allow us to build a collaborative communications between us and the Development team by the creation of a special forum.


A more rapid and dynamic place for communication, directly with some the appropriate developers?


We need more transparency - Waiting for the Fifa 22 Deep Dives is not the way forward.


We need to be able to have conversations with the team DURING the development period.


If there is a request that cannot be achieved for good reason and the developers release statements on them then there will be so much relief, we will be assured that they are thinking about how to realistically improve these game modes and we will be part of the communication.


I believe there are game changers but that is too limited. Not everyone will be able to contact the game changers. The game changers may miss a lot of important information. And most importantly the game changers will not be able to explain things as well as the developers even if they had the answers. We are also not 100% sure they are asking the right questions.


I believe that more can be done to close the rift between the Player career/pro clubs developers and the player-base and I feel this is necessary simply because the current systems are not good enough and I find myself thinking of how much better things would be if the devs attended to our questions. We would love for the devs to just talk to us.


You have likely received a lot of criticism for being unable to answer questions (especially from me) but I genuinely am not here to just vent, I do want everything to become easier for everyone and the way forward would be to get direct answers from the developers. Many of our questions and requests are the same - they just need to continuously answer the most common ones, like in a big forum post once a week, or month whatever is reasonable to them. Lets start a proper conversation.


- Please do not delete this post, please can you convey this message to the dev team. If there are internal challenges preventing them from implementing something I want them to communicate it with us. If there is some sort of upcoming bug fix or improvement for player career and pro clubs I want them to either tell us outright or tease us with hints in a forum post. Look at what CDPR is doing with Cyberpunk, the number of questions they are answering on forums or Taleworlds with Bannerlord 2 we need that type of direct consumer to dev communication. I don't need an epic trailer. All I need is a dev team that cares and is attentive to good valid questions and answers them as honestly as they can


So long as the reasoning is sound - and progress is much more clear, I will be very very happy and a lot of other people will be to.


This is how we can grow together and the team wont seem like these incognito, unreachable nobles who are doing something but nobody knows what exactly nor do we know where their priorities lie. Why keep things this way, Are the developers not frustrated by the poor feedback/reception from the pro clubs and player career community - do they want to have a dialogue with the reasonable people so that we can find a mutually beneficial way forward? I'm sure they do. So lets work to get it started.


Please, respond to this post at least - I need an answer on this one.




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Re: To EA Staff from a fan. Lets bridge this communication gap.

Community Manager

Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with the community @Ascendian.


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Re: To EA Staff from a fan. Lets bridge this communication gap.

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I appreciate your acknowledgement and hope this issue can be worked out, one way or another. Standard smile
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Re: To EA Staff from a fan. Lets bridge this communication gap.

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Happy to be of help @Ascendian.


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