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Re: This game really sucks

by daroy12

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This game really sucks

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As a Command and conquer player since the very first Red Alert, this version its crappy. Sick of being playing those"Challenge Battle" where u face players with way advanced level and just wasting time losing. I'm just a sitting duck giving points to people who puts money down in this game. Go to hell.

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Re: This game really sucks

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I've made plenty of guides on how to avoid this. If you are interested, lemme know, if you are just here to vent/leave, then sorry to see you go, hope you all the best in the future.
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Re: This game really sucks

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Many times i win challange battles and most of the time it's easier for me then normal ones xd
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Re: This game really sucks

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Hey! I'm interested.
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Re: This game really sucks

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Don't play too much that's all.

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Re: This game really sucks

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★★★ Guide

@Canaya702 wrote:
Hey! I'm interested.

Alright cool.


So basically the game has a couple mechanics to keep you safe from bad experiences. This is challenge battles and win streaks. Unfortunately for us, both of these mechanics, while made with good intentions, work against the average player. The first we will take about is streaks. These were made to push better players higher up the ladder so they don't club worse players for very long. They were also made to help players achieve progress and reward good play. UNFORTUNATELY they do this by inflating your medals. Medals are used to determine the quality of the enemy player. More medals, the better the player. This means every time you win a streak, you are telling the game you want to face someone not just harder, but extra hard for next game, since it basically counts as 2 wins. This can with a little luck and skill easily push you past where your levels belong, and into a position where you can no longer compete. Next we have Challenge Battles which are intended to prevent you from feeling robbed after a POTENTIAL unfair fight. However, losing medals is the only way to go back down to where your levels work again. So it is possible with challenge battles, streaks, and not being able to go down a bracket to wedge your account into a spot where all you face is players with higher levels than you creating a circle of unfun games that spiral into one another. 


So how do we fix it? 


Well, the fix isn't a very good one. Basically, it is log in, get your crates every 3 hours and play enough games to finish your bounties. Don't take the losses too personally. This will steadily improve your army. Then, the real fix is league resets. Luckily for you, we have one coming next Monday. This will put you back down to a lower bracket. Don't get too excited and grind the game again! Play your bounties and pace yourself. Every time you get a win streak, purposely lose the 4th game. This will break the streak, and lose the medals you gained from the streak, slowing your medal gain. Only when you are confident your levels are good enough to compete in the next league should you take streaks. If you do this, you should passively level your army at the intended rate of your medal gain and you shouldn't wedge your account into an unwinnable position. 


Also, try not to play too much after you finish your bounties for the day. It gains medals but doesn't reward you with much in return, so you are pit against stronger players without the upgrades to deal with it. 


It's not the best solution, but it works. If you are struggling with any decks or strategies, let me know, and I'll do my best to help out. It can get discouraging, I know, but if you can push through this, there is a genuinely good game to be enjoyed here. 

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Re: This game really sucks

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No the game sucks, the devs don’t care and ea is fraudulently basically stealing money for a quick fix to people with low self esteem by making them pay to win 

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Re: This game really sucks

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Hey! Much appreciated! I love this game on all versions.

Still playing Tiberium War on PC. Do u know about any site where to play online?

Once again, thanks!

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Re: This game really sucks

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@governer7778 wrote:

No the game sucks, the devs don’t care and ea is fraudulently basically stealing money for a quick fix to people with low self esteem by making them pay to win 

If you think the game sucks, think again. I just happen to like its fast and intense micro. I was able to use a talon as a scout and have it act like a mosquito, trolling and distracting the player until my army builds up to perform an offensive. I'm an aggressive turtler and I will do anything I can to prevent the enemy from launch nukes or dislodge me from where I'm sitting. Have you tried taking a tiger off its favorite couch? I got an intense click speed that I either screw my unit's position or have it run circles around other units.

Why not stick to the game and troll other players into quitting. I would sure like to see your replays. I'm sure that you make other player suck if you focus on trolling than winning.

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