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Re: They have to take sniper measures

by VRtroper

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They have to take sniper measures

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From Battlefield 1 we have this problem. You know about this problem and have not done anything about it yet.
I understand that there are people who like to play the role of sniper, but buy Battlefield V to play the ww2 and not Sniper Elite V4.

There are many ww2 games that use a ROL limit system so there is only a maximum of Snipers per side. Limits must be placed on all Roles depending on the% of Assault players that exist.

The game is frustrating and unfair to both sides. Snipers do not look for flags, they only look for supplies to launch flares and see the enemy.


This is a real problem @Dice @EA do not look the other way and take action.







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Re: They have to take sniper measures

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Many people have suggested this but having a set number of roles isn't always going to equal a perfectly balanced match.


Some measures have already taken effect like reducing the maximum scope zoom to 6x and even adding a close-med range P08 Artillery to the class.


With RSP coming towards the end of Summer, I'm sure we're gunna see many rooms with the class removed entirely (I know I'll be hosting some Medic only TDMs)

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Re: They have to take sniper measures

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It is very frustrating to run and from afar you are shot by several snipers without any possibility of defending yourself. In Battlefield 1 this problem already existed so many people left the game, it became repetitive and tedious in several maps.

I'm just trying to improve the game, I do not want to eliminate the class. It is an "Arcade" game but also the tank has to refuel in Base and does not have unlimited ammunition. In one way or another we are looking for a realism / arcade in BFV and I think that in the ROL Sniper and Asalto they have not achieved it.

Just imagine 14 Snipers throwing flares, it is very very desperate for the one who likes to skirmish behind the enemy lines without being seen.

I hope these comments will help to improve the game that in the end is what we all want.

Thanks for the comments mates.

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Re: They have to take sniper measures

Community Manager



That's a lot of glare.....

Hopefully your whole team goes Medic with smoke launchers, they'll never be able to stop you. 


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Re: They have to take sniper measures

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It's not a real solution, right? 


A game of the ww2 where everything is snipers throwing flares and the opposite side only doctors to throw smoke ....
I think it's not what people expect from Battlefield V, so the game has not had as much of a show as expected.

I am a fan of Battlefield and of course of the ww2 and I do not look for anything the real simulation in Battlefield but I believe that there are aspects that are improvable.

I am aware that everyone can not make happy, but there are less aggressive options so that all people can play a Battlefield V.

With the simple gesture of adding a Button on the RSP servers that you can control the limit of classes on your server.

Again, thanks for the collaboration of everyone on this topic, it is really worrying.

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