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There is zero point in building up team and power, ea is ripping people off

by champ15j

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There is zero point in building up team and power, ea is ripping people off

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Its is absolutely asinine that ea promotes and petlles buying better, higher overall players, building up your team and raising your power, when it does absolutely nothing but get you smoked by a far far lesser team. What is the freaking point. Every year it's the same bs over and over and ea never learns. Every time My 103 offense with 3k power has to play a sub 90s defense with 1500 or less power in LvL. My team that I've spent hundreds on, for nothing apparently, gets run over like I have cheerleaders on the field. My line cant hold a block, receiver cant catch, hb trips over his own damn feet. And their team become super charged with speed and ability that they dont have. Its beyond ridiculous that ea does this and everyone sees it. This isnt new. People or * sick and tired of it. I just played a 93 defense with 1553 power in League vs League and couldn't barely move the ball. This has got to change. It's time this crap stops, I am going to start a major movement on this on every forum, that us who are grinders and spenders and devoted to the game and building our teams should not be punished by those part time players that arent building their teams up. A 103 offense with 3k power should destroy a 93 defense with 1500 power, no contest. They shouldnt be granted super speed and play way better all a sudden. Other wise what's the point in building up your team. If ea is going to continue to do this nerf crap and horrible game play, then it is clearly not worth anyone spending a dime on this game. We are all better off playing with low over all, low power teams. To prove this. All of us top 100 leagues will drop our defenses and power down to sub 90s and record us creaming 100+ offenses with 3k power, post the results to every madden forum and community out there and stop ea from ripping off its customers who are not getting what they are paying for. I spend a lot of money on my team, to much to have it play like complete *, like they dont know which team they are on. It's the most ridiculous damn thing I've ever seen and its gotta stop

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