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Theory: A Hidden Color Rarity at Izzy’s Shop

by simmerdownMAL

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Theory: A Hidden Color Rarity at Izzy’s Shop

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I tweeted this theory out and made a post on the Sims Mobile subreddit. I might as well post and ask here too. 🤷🏻‍♀️


I theorize that there is a hidden color rarity at Izzy’s shop and that some colors must be coded as common, uncommon, and rare. I’ve never rolled the pink pencil skirt in over a year of playing, but I’ve rolled the green skirt quite frequently. I just spent 200+ fashion gems in an unsuccessful attempt to get the seemingly rare pink color, and there are only four colors for this skirt. Plus, it was one of the hardest pictures for me to find for my Izzy Female Collection Guide. 


What do do you think? Are some colors more rare than others? Have any of you spent an excessive amount of gems in an attempt to get a specific color that just didn’t seem to come? Are there certain colors of outfits you see all the time?





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Re: Theory: A Hidden Color Rarity at Izzy’s Shop

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That's a really interesting thought @simmerdownMAL, and I think you've got something there.


I tend to go after bracelets with different effects (preferably whole body effects as, let's face, it no one will see tiny sparkles on your sims wrist at a party), and I've assumed that some effects are rarer than others. I really really want a bracelet that gives the bees effect. And fireflies. Those are really hard to get. But clovers, fruit, hearts, electricity, dust, and a variety of different sparkles are pretty common. 


And we all know that certain articles of clothing are harder to get, like super suits and fairy costumes. Its stands to reason, and wouldn't surprise me at all, that some colors are more rare than others.

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Re: Theory: A Hidden Color Rarity at Izzy’s Shop

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Very cool theory, @simmerdownMAL. I have been wondering why there is no green/blue/pink flag to indicate rarity on the color swatch, because some colors do indeed seem to be more common than others. The problem is, that without a very, very large bucket of gems, it’s almost impossible to run any sort of statistics. Even if the swatches were in fact completely random, a single player could very well experience a particular swatch as rare. 


I have seen the green pencil skirt many times. Can’t remember if I have seen the pink one, don’t think so. I have seen the skirt with flowers several times, but never the white one. Maybe the white swatch is rare...


I have also been wondering how on earth you have managed to make Izzy collection guide in the first place! Kudos!

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Re: Theory: A Hidden Color Rarity at Izzy’s Shop

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I rarely visit Izzy's, but indeed I saw that green pencil skirt more often than other colors. The second was that black-gold color. The red and the pink one are the most seldom I saw. So I think there are rarity grade for colors too. But again, I rarely visit Izzy's.

Like @thecakeisaLIE82, I usually trying to get bracelets since I consider some other items are ugly, so I didn't really pay attention to colors.


Maybe we can collect data from other players, @simmerdownMAL. Like, how many times they see particular colors of an item when they do some rolls at Izzy's? How many gems do they spend until the item appear? They can post the result in this thread, then maybe after a few weeks we can see the result. You can make more detail chart for Izzy's items too. But if it's too much hassle, maybe we can just ask the devs directly haha... 😂

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Re: Theory: A Hidden Color Rarity at Izzy’s Shop

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Some colors are absolutely more rare than others. I collect fairy costumes, vintage period dresses and super hero suits.  I typically save u til I have over 2000 gems so I can do lots of rerolling.  I have literally rolled thousands of different Izzy items. It is very obvious that each item has colors that are more common and colors that are more rare. 

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Re: Theory: A Hidden Color Rarity at Izzy’s Shop

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@doodle_lass That’s a very interesting thought about collecting data on this. It requires a good amount of help, and luckily I know a handful of players who assist each other specifically with sciencing the heck out of the game. Right now we are working on a project together, but this color rarity is definitely something I’m interested in looking into closer. Thanks for the idea!
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Re: Theory: A Hidden Color Rarity at Izzy’s Shop

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@simmerdownMAL lol I will start saving my gems.
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Re: Theory: A Hidden Color Rarity at Izzy’s Shop

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You're welcome! Yes, it needs someone who's good at statistics and lots lots of data. Because a theory needs data to backup it. Well, I'm bad at it, but I really admire the people who practiced their skills even in a game like this. Glad you have those people around you. Share the words if you decide to do the project, @simmerdownMAL. I'll gladly participate providing some data. 😁

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