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The sims mobile IPhone

by thesimsplayer_79

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The sims mobile IPhone

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Hi ! I have the sims Mobile and I only have 2 quest to complete . Why is this happening? I’m currently in the photography career quest but I don’t have any other daily quest expect to buy land . My app just updated yesterday to the new version but before I used to have a lot more quest to complete I don’t even have the “ improve your life style quest “ it’s so strange and it’s getting  boring just completed the llama zoom quest . Is there a bug? I don’t want to unistall and reinstall for fear of losing what I have already done . Help 

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Re: The sims mobile IPhone

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Before you uninstall your game make sure you are connected to Facebook, EA, etc. Also make sure you have a snapshot of your player I'd. I have lost my game earlier this year and lost some premium party items. What level are you at? Hopefully someone can help you. Good luck.

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Re: The sims mobile IPhone

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It can happen you've gone through all the other quests. Photography is a limited time quest, and if you don't have the Internet Icon quest that will pop up later for you. 


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Re: The sims mobile IPhone

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I’m on level 48 now !! These are all the quest I have to complete once the photography quest is over I will have only 1 quest which is to buy land or build a room . It doesn’t make sense to me for why I only have 1 or 2 quest to complete I don’t even have the improve your life quest . 

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Re: The sims mobile IPhone

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Hi @thesimsplayer_79 

I don’t think what you are seeing is a bug. When you reach a certain level, the number of quests dry out. Then you have to start chasing other goals. If you don’t mind, I have a couple of suggestions for you.


Start collecting tickets to get heirlooms. When there is a big live event or something like that going, you want your Sims to be as efficient as possible. Three star traits make your Sims more efficient. One way to collect a lot of tickets, is to start a lot of friendships (or romantic relations). The first chapters of the friendships a cheaper than the later chapters, so when you have received tickets for completing say chapter three or five, start a new friendship.


Collect simoleons. I have had long periods where my only goal has been to collect simoleons. It takes time collecting. And using them is so easy...


There will be more Wumples and other quests (maybe bigger), I’m sure. Until then, I hope this gives you some ideas on how to continue enjoying the game.  See you around 😊

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