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The big suggestion list!

by monzai1

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The big suggestion list!

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Hello everyone!


Now i've read alot of topics and threads in here, played the game and i am just like you all VERY disappointed of what this game is missing.

With this topic, i hope to catch Ghost's/EA's eyes with an easy suggestion list for the "Long awaited upcomming patches"
If you feel this list needs anything or you want something added/edited, please reply to this topic and i will edit it :-)

You are all here to have your word!


Suggestion List:


    - With cops

    - Able to challenge friends like the AI bots driving around (exactly like NFS2015)
    - Able to all the types of races in freeroam with a friend or more without having to go loading screen all the time for matchmaking.

    - Able to make Crews/Clubs/Clans with your friends, Crew based wraps / Able to share wraps with only friends/Crew.
    - MORE than 8 players in one server at Online Freeroam (HUGE map should have more players) than in NFS2015.


  • Multiplayer speedlist features:
    - Drag race
    - Runner
    - Drift
    - Option to race with/without cops
    - Option to race with party only
    - Restroom/Sitting out from a speedlist race.

    - Show winner/top3 of the race in the end (car showoff)


  • Multiplayer speedlist Matchmaking rebalance fix:
    (Low levels should NOT race against lvl399 players with regeras)
    - maybe 50-100, 101-150, 151-200 or even a closer gap!. 



  • More cars



  • Bug Fixes

Thank you for reading!
Please reply below for more suggestions or corrections. and make this suggestion list big and popular.

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Re: The big suggestion list!

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Sorry, took me a while to find your post! Please add any of my ideas from the previous post to it if you liked it!

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Re: The big suggestion list!

★★★★ Novice

This was my post just so you don't have to search for it:


Huuuge fan of the Need for Speed series, and I loved Payback as well. but there's a few things that are a let down, most of them people are complaining rightfully so, so I hope need you are listening to the fans once again as you did with Need for Speed 2015.
-Please give a look at the Texture rendering delay. It's extremely slow to render all the textures, and that affects the visuals. I don't want to see the cutscene of the boss cars coming, just to see their car slowly being rendered into high quality. (I think slightly longer loading screens could help with it but not sure.)
-Some missing cars from the original lineup (already been told they are coming on the next updates as they needed some tweaks so that's good)
-Cops in Freeroam. Please add them. even if just Post main game, as I can understand that the bait crates go with the story a bit. Add the heat levels and we are go, I love the agressiveness of the cops!
-Allows to adjust the Track Width. Some cars look awkward wiith the wheels deep in the wheel well.
-I'd also like to advise an idea for the Speed Card system. Allow us to edit our speed cards by spending some money or the card points. Adding perks and leveling them up ourselves would help with the slight difficulty in getting the right cards.
-And speaking of ugrades. It should be allowed to upgrade all cars to 399, maybe after the last mission. It's just sad to invest time and money on a car, to then become obsolete by Chapter 4. The game is already very challenging to get proper upgrades, so it wouldn't be game breaking at all, and would make it fun like in the previous game to take a small GTI and beat extremely high end cars by investing our time and money in it.

Keep going, but listen to us as you always did. Fans will appreciate it!"
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Re: The big suggestion list!

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 I would even mention that the game should begin loading when the game starts, not only when you click "Start" on the Opening Screen.  This would cut down load time after players (more so without the game installed on a solid state drive) finally click the Start button.

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Re: The big suggestion list!

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Yeah I remember in NFS2015 the initial loading time was quite long actually. But everything was loaded properly as soon as the game would start.


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Re: The big suggestion list!

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would love to see the speed cards done away with. i liked the performance upgrade system in Need for speed 2015 a lot better. it was simpler, more realistic and more fun. i enjoyed tuning my car but with the speed cards i dread it. big dissapointment. other then that the game is dope! would kinda like to see more variety of mods in the next one like vertical doors, flame exhaust kits, split hoods, shaved door handles etc.

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Re: The big suggestion list!

★★ Guide
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Re: The big suggestion list!

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The hardest part is that it's already in the core game, so in this game won't be able to change it. The least they can do is change it so we can create our own parts, with our choice of perks and level them up at an in-game cost. We could still get random parts through the rolls and shops and races, but they would basically serve the purpose of a better basic material to create better parts.

It would give the game kind of an RPG feel to it. Which I understand if racing gamers don't enjoy it, but I actually do.

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Re: The big suggestion list!

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I actually didn't get to notice that! You are absolutely right. I knew something was off, but I was actually very focused on getting the points as I was playing on hard hahaha

It definitely looks much better in 2015, but the physics, I do enjoy it more in Payback

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Re: The big suggestion list!

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I would like an app companion, with navigation display ala assasins creed. I also would like to see it allow for access to my garage on my phone. Not so much editing, but to show off my cars. It would also be nice to have it randonly text "Pop Up" races. Like a text from an in game crew, or notification of a mission available in the form of a text.

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