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The Fairlady Z's front bumper...

by L-Blazebrand86

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The Fairlady Z's front bumper...

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Am I the only one who's bothered by the fact that the Nissan branded bumpers are missing that metal part across the front? Y'know, on the shorter one that isn't carbon fiber. It's on the back, why not the front?

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Re: The Fairlady Z's front bumper...

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Can you add a screenshot where we can see what you mean?

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Re: The Fairlady Z's front bumper...

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The Datsun Z didn't really have a front bumper that came later when Datsun became Nissan.  The thin strip was the original look.  Keeping in mind, the US didn't start requiring front bumpers until 1972 production cars (1973 Models), those laws were pretty vague and left much for interpretation.  Foreign Imports were able to skirt many of them. 

It wasn't until 1976, the standards became more strict, and the bumpers became more apparent, as they had to meet crash test thresholds, but this was in US and Canada markets only, so Foreign Models only had the Bumpers as an upgrade.  Those regulations were considered overly strict.  It was the time of the overly obvious bumpers.

In 1982, the regulations were lightened up (pun included)...  to allow a more visually attractive bumper.   Shortly after, the International Community started to embrace Regulations like those of the US.

The Fairlady Z, used in the game is the '69 - '70.

240Z, Series I was 1970 release, Series II was 1971. The easy way to tell a Series I was the distinct Z240 Badge, versus the Series II and Later, that only have the "Z" badge.   The Series II remained in production until 1973.  

The 260Z was 1974 and 280z was 1975.

  Any Nissan vehicle, released from 1958 to 1986, were marketed and sold under the Datsun name..  

There were no Fairlady Z cars produced, in the US nor Canada, during the strict Bumper Regulations.  They did try to relaunch the brand, with the 300Z, in 2000, and then the Fairlady Z.  

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Re: The Fairlady Z's front bumper...

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 The metal thing in the second pic. It's missing. Was that on purpose?

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Re: The Fairlady Z's front bumper...

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The metal seen in the second photos was the US attempt to force Datsun to comply.  It wasn't part of the Factory Design.  When the game incorporated the design, the designers went with the original (International) versions. 


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Re: The Fairlady Z's front bumper...

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Huh...Though that metal is on a Japanese model S30. Y'know, Wangan Midnight's Devil Z. So that metal piece is only on American and Japanese models?

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