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Terrible pack algorithm and no giving back to community

by GiraffeLookinA55

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Terrible pack algorithm and no giving back to community

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So we are very late into the year and fifa 20 has basically come to an end. EA has been dropping the ball on promos and they are still releasing content to try keeping us interested, which is all good. However, why are we not getting a little from them in return for them slacking or why don’t they reward us for playing this late in the game to get us excited for fifa 21? We got some pretty cool packs recently, the 89+ double upgrade, 86+ player pick, and an objective for three totssf packs. The hype for these rewards is pretty high and people look forward to some sweet players..... and what did I get? It’s pretty clear that my account is bugged or the algorithm for packs is shot. This is a huge issue and has been all year and needs addressed. But EA only focuses on money/revenue and won’t address concerns from the community or won’t give back to the community to get them ready for the next year because that doesn’t make them money. I can’t be the only one who thinks this is a problem.

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Pack opening/end of year play

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I’m here to address the fact that EA does not give back to their fifa community. I’m sure a lot of us can agree that fifa 20 has been in the gutter for several months now, but they are now releasing some huge packs, which is nice (86 pp and 89 double upgrade). My issue with this is the fact that in these packs I have gotten de gea and chiellini twice each and blue ter Stegen and Harry Kane in these packs. I know the packs can have huge players, but why aren’t they all huge players? Fifa 21 comes out soon and in the tail end of fifa 20 wouldn’t it be nice to just get insane cards who you can use and just enjoy using for the remainder of the time? My opinion is that getting like toty or totssf in these packs could just make the game fun to use new and enjoyable players that you might not have been able to use in the past. I think this brief enjoyment would carry into fifa 21 and hype it up even more, but frankly I am dreading its release after the the dead cards I get in these packs. I find it ridiculous that EA can’t just hand out huge cards for being loyal and giving back to their fifa community, but instead they still hand out worthless stuff that makes a dead game even worse and ruins the motive to continue paying for their games...

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Re: Pack opening/end of year play

@GiraffeLookinA55 Whatever coins you are using to open up these "big packs," you can just as easily spend on Drafts and play with players you wouldn't otherwise have been able to use. That's what the game mode is for -- so you can play with players you normally wouldn't be able to use.

EA have given us many "free stuff," but it seems people are never happy. I'm sorry you didn't get a 99 OVR TOTSSF. I didn't either.

Yes, it's nearing the end of FIFA. Doing Drafts shouldn't be that big of a deal now? Should it?
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