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TW Matchmaking is still an issue.

by zagnuttz

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Re: TW Matchmaking is still an issue.

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If it makes anyone feel better; the higher you get in GP, the more GP difference between guilds you may see. I've seen matchups of over 20mil GP difference upwards to almost 30mil

However, the higher you go, GP is not the main factor in if a TW can be won or not as the objective is to "one shot" the whole board anyways, so lots of GP doesn't get used.

Mods will also play a very big role in the outcome of a match.

Having lots of useless GP (ex: many toons level 85 that aren't high gear) will also go against your guild. (same applies to GA)

Word to the wise... unless you plan on maxing out your toon, don't even unlock it

Cheers and good luck to all.

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Re: TW Matchmaking is still an issue.

The matchups are actually always within a million, probably within 10,000 GP.

the problem is that the bots that people use to compare guilds do not know which members signed up for the TW. So it just assumes that all guild members are signed up, and tells you what the entire guild GP is. A 200M guild that has half their members sign up would have an active GP of 100M...and could get paired against a 50 person guild of 100M.

Now, that would still be a terrible matchup and I'd expect the 50 man guild to get slaughtered. But the "Active GP" would be close.

You're right that mods, and "fluff GP" (as many call it) are high indicators of success, more than the strict GP numbers. However, many of the players who decry a "massive discrepancy in the matchup" just don't understand how the matchmaking actually occurs.
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