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Re: TW Matchmaking is still an issue.

by GladOS-013

Original Post

TW Matchmaking is still an issue.

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I am with the Z Nuttz Tossahs (, an 84 million GP guild.  Historically we have had relatively fair matches in TW.  In the most recent TW that went into active battle on 3/19, we faced the guild Shottas that possesses a GP over 110 million (  We had about 81 million GP register for the match, I'm not sure what they enrolled. 


In ZNT we love a challenge, and we put up the best fight we could.  After busting through a top to bottom wall comprised of CLS & General Zarriss squads, and scratching through a wall of Night Sister squads, we were confronted by a wall of FO with Kylo Ren Unmasked leads. At this point, we had nothing left to throw at a seemingly endless supply of highly geared, zetated toons. 

The resources Shottas had at their disposal comically dwarfed what we possess. While some of our guild members spend money on SWGOH, roughly half of our people are F2P.  From what I can tell, their top 6 members have GP far greater than our highest GP member. We were drastically outnumbered in terms of zetaed characters, gear XI+ characters; we tried but this battle WAS NOT an equally matched one.


The matchmaking is still a huge problem in TW. In no way should a guild of 80 million GP should have to tackle a guild of 110 million GP, no matter the TW enrollment. Even a fraction of 110 million GP guild has a significant advantage in resources over a full guild of 84 million GP.  This needs to be addressed and fixed.

-Zag Nuttz


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Re: TW Matchmaking is still an issue.

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We are currently having the same issue I'm from a 60 million gp guild and we were pitted against a 67 million gp guild and they probably had 3 times as many gear 12 characters as we did and definitely a lot more zeta's and other times they pit us against guilds that we crush way to easily so the matchmaking system is far from perfect 

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Re: TW Matchmaking is still an issue.

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They don't seem to be interested in fixing things now, just "answering" questions.
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Re: TW Matchmaking is still an issue.

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This is the problem: guilds are moving players out to other guilds/dummy guilds. Then, players are rejoining the main guild right before TW preview ends. Since there isn’t a player 24-hour lockdown, they can join TW as long as it’s still in preview. The match up is obviously calculated before the end of the preview stage. So, they are matched based on the lower guild stats.

They can then decimate the matched opponent.

For example, a guild we were matched with initially showed 40 players on I checked again about 30 minutes ago. They now have 49 players. They went from 11 Revans to 24!

They found a way to cheat the system. It’s a HUGE loophole that needs to be fixed!

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Re: TW Matchmaking is still an issue.

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I literally made this post a year ago and as you clearly know, there has been no movement to fix the matchmaking. Honestly, I'm not sure they will make any move to fix it at this point. I suspect their solution to make matchups "fairer" was the bonus abilities.

I know alliances like to shuffle members around to cause confusion, so always plan for the worst. We've also found that sometimes there is no sandbagging at all. What may look like intentional benching is simply low turnout. I sympathize with your frustration, but sadly I don't see relief coming anytime soon. 

Good luck to you and your guild!

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Re: TW Matchmaking is still an issue.

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Yet another mismatch! Far superior team than ours. Far superior toons. The matching is not even close and far from ‘fine’. Someone PLEASE look into this. This happens EVERY TW!!!



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Re: TW Matchmaking is still an issue.

@Zynix17 How many squads can be assigned in each zone? The bots used to do these comparisons do not know how many players signed up for the TW, so they can only compare the full rosters.

If the opposing guild only had 45-46 of their 48 players sign up, compared to your 50, then the guild active GPs would be very similar.
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Re: TW Matchmaking is still an issue.

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@GladOS-013 in our experience every guild we’ve been matched with has had the upper hand, no matter the number of players. At the level we are, most guilds require full participation. And, if the algorithm(s) used are counting on non-participants, it’s a terrible way to match guilds. If it does count on non-participation, then, it should do so on both sides. Which would put it back to the same argument - the match is invalid.

While I am sure it is a lot of work to create an algorithm to match guilds, if the work cannot be done to match successfully and fairly, then the event needs to stop or the extra work to make it fair needs to be done.

There has not been one fair match for my guild. Never. I would have more faith in the algorithm(s) if it hit fairly some of the time. However, it has not once. Every team has had much higher GP, more characters, more gear, more speed mods, higher arena scores, etc. Not once have we been fairly matched. I’m sure someone has this data and it will back up my claims.

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Re: TW Matchmaking is still an issue.

@Zynix17 How many spots can be set in each zone for this battle? That will give you an indication of how many players you are facing.

If only 45 members of the opposing guild are playing, you have to subtract all the zetas, characters, etc of the missing players. The matching bots can't do that, because they don't know who is signed up vs not.

It's also possible that your guild is extremely underdeveloped compared to other guilds with similar GP. This is referred to as "fluff" on the vanilla forums. If your guild is full of players who have lots of g7 lvl 85 "not-very-effective" characters, and most guilds at your level are not - then you will most often see unfavorable matchups.
I am a volunteer on this forum, and not an employee of EA or CG. Please let me know how I can help you!
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Re: TW Matchmaking is still an issue.

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To clarify in case of confusion:

In a "full" TW where both guilds have 50 players, each zone in the map has room for 25 squads. If your guild has 50 players and the other guild only has 40 players sign up, then you will see only room for 20 squads on each defensive zone. So if you know your guild had all 50 members sign up, you can tell how many players the opposing guild has registered for the TW by the number of squads per zone. So if you can tell me how many squads can be assigned in this matchup, we can determine the number of opposing players, and re-assess the comparison accordingly.  

EA has not shared the full details of the algorithm with the general population. However, after looking at dozens of matchups, it seems to be 98% based strictly off pure "Active GP" of the players registered. They do not appear to take specific characters, mods, gear levels, zetas, or anything into account.

I feel it is somewhat unreasonable to expect the game developers to write a code that will always match your guild against a similar guild that has the same number of zetas, g12s, gp, players etc. Shouldn't those guilds who have developed more characters and earned more zetas get an advantage? Shouldn't players who make poor decisions, don't farm as many zetas, and don't earn as much gear have a harder time because of their choices?

If there are 10 guilds with the same GP - one of those guilds will always have the most zetas in any matchup with the other 9, and one of those guilds will always have the fewest. The guild with the fewest will always complain about poor matchups - but isn't it really just the result of their being the weakest guild out there? If the developers wanted to give them an "even" matchup based on zetas, then they would have to match them against a guild with a lower GP, and then that guild would complain that they were matched against a higher guild.

The tl;dr is - if your guild is one of the weakest in your "GP range", then you will almost always get an unfavorable matchup. If your guild is one of the strongest in your "GP range", you will almost always get a favorable one.

Control what is within your power to control. Develop your roster and your guild's to be more efficient than similar GP players, and you will see better matchups.

I am a volunteer on this forum, and not an employee of EA or CG. Please let me know how I can help you!
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