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TSMobile - [Guide] How to Maximize Weekly Gem Rewards

by 01Reinier

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TSMobile - [Guide] How to Maximize Weekly Gem Rewards

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★★ Guide

Hello there fellow Simmers! I have been researching on how Izzy gives out Fashion Gems. So these are the things I would like to share with you so we could all max out the week's rewards. Let's get started!


How the gems are being rewarded

The gems are being rewarded through Star Ratings of each trend category.

For example:


 Last week's category was Cool, Fit, and Hot.

As you can see, Calvin got 3-Stars for Cool, 3-Stars for Fit, and 2-Stars for Hot and got 8 Gems for it, not being able to max the week's rewards.


What we need is to get a 3-Star rating for each trend, and to do that, it takes at least 6+ stickers to get a 3-Star rating in each category, so make sure your Sims get those stickers!


Also, you can monitor your Sim's stickers with the Sticker Hub without having to wait the next day! Now it is much easier to aim for a perfect 3-Star Rating! Such a great and convenient feature!



Note: You get 1 Gem for each Star earned for that Trend category, so don't get left out! (I tell you, the stars are literally the gems we earn Party hat)


Getting along with the trend

Whether it's Cool, Silly, and Hot, there is no loss when you follow the weekly Fashion Trends.

Changing your Sim's appearance to match with the current Trends would also help players decide which sticker to give your Sims! Dress up to be the best out there, because Izzy is watching and so are the other players!


Hosting parties and joining parties

When you have the chance to throw a party, do it! Also, join other player's parties everyday! Parties will help your Sims meet other players and receive Stickers from them! Don't forget to give out Stickers too! If you have new Sims for the week, prioritize them when joining parties so they would get noticed, and earn stickers for the day.



That is all I have to share, for now atleast. Thank you for reading. I have also other researches that are ongoing. If you have any questions or want to discuss things relating to the topic, feel free to drop a comment down below!


Cheers and happy gaming!

*Guide updated for Sims Mobile version 10.0.0 (to be updated if necessary)

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Re: TSMobile - [Guide] How to Maximize Weekly Gem Rewards

Community Manager
Great guide, @01Reinier! Thanks for sharing it - XP for you! Standard smile

I've added it to the index of guides here in the forum -

Happy gem hunting! Wink
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Re: TSMobile - [Guide] How to Maximize Weekly Gem Rewards

★★ Guide
Thank you so much for adding it to the Guides @EA_Mai! Standard smile

I like to help my fellow Simmers, so I share what I can and have.
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Re: TSMobile - [Guide] How to Maximize Weekly Gem Rewards

★★★★ Novice
Good advice. Unfortunately, earning 6 stickers does not automatically equal 3 stars/gems. Some categories seemed to require 7 stickers. And since the November update, it now seems to require 8 or 9.

It would be great if the sim's sticker tab would have a progress bar (like stars which would show up when earned), so players could see how they were doing in earning gems as the week progressed. Because, actually I don't care much how many stickers my sims have earned since their gem trade value varies greatly week to week. What I care most about is how many gems they've earned.
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Re: TSMobile - [Guide] How to Maximize Weekly Gem Rewards

★★ Guide

@Catharina38 This original post is from April, so I’m not surprised it doesn’t fit that well. The gems are earned as a percentile of all the stickers given out. Be in the top 10% for max gems. When the contests last longer than a week you’re looking at 8-10 per category, sometimes more. They can’t tell you what that requires, because until all the stickers are handed out they don’t know.


Use the emoji’s for stickers. The Sims Mobile Commmunity in Discord and Facebook have posted them here and shared within the community. I attend parties with people on my friend list, they know what the emoji’s in my Sim’s names mean, and I always get max gems. 


This week’s Stickers are: Cool 😎 Classy 🍷 and Fabulous 🌈 

I still dress my sims in theme, but I double down by playing with friends and emoji’s. 

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