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Hello Everyone , If you're a FIFA PC player this concerns you a lot , I've always wondered why we pc users are in a severe disadvantage when it comes to WL rewards , let's take for example GOLD 1 rewards , On console you get
50.000 Coins , and 2 JUMBO RARE PLAYERS PACKS (which are worth 200k combined for anyone who doesn't know ) which are great rewards in my opinion for a rank that an average player can reach , on pc you get 35000 coins , 2 premuim players packs and a mega pack (which if I'm correct are only worth 85k in coins ) for hitting the same rank (gold1) , in the absence of any pc fifa youtuber to bring this issue up to EA's attention I'm wondering why are we still quite about this , why aren't we granted the same rewards as console players ? I mean we also pay around 60 dollars to play the game , and we have to buy expensive powerful computers to run it as well so why this mistreatment by EA ? and before you tell me they play 40 games while we play 25 , first of all we didn't ask for that , second of all , playing 40 doesn't make it harder for them , because to elite 1 for example they have to win 34 out of 40 which gives them a margin for error of 6 games while on pc we have to win 22 out of 25 for elite 1 which allows to lose only 3 games .
So please EA fix the rewards system or at least gives us an explanation to why the discrimination.

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Please EA we want an explanation !

I really struggle to buy good players , players on PC are expensive , the rewards are not enough to afford good players meanwhile on consoles they have better rewards , cheaper players ...

it's not fair at all Standard smile 

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They always discriminate PC players. We always are beta testers to new updates. We never get updated catalogue with new boots, balls ect. when consoles does. We have worse rewards system. We always had before FIFA17 new game engine a year or two later than consoles.

I can say it's all because number of users. It's easy to see on PS are over 1,5M live transfers, on Xbox are over 800k live transfers and on PC are only over 400k live transfers. So on PC number of users are just the lowest from all platforms. But. If they cut us for half, why they not do this to Xbox users too?

And to be honest I don't really understand why they don't want to make FIFA community as one and make FIFA a cross platform game. It's not a FPS. Everyone who want to be good in FIFA uses PS or Xbox controller. Look how big list of transfers we will get. 1,5M+ 800k + 400k is almost 3M live transfers. Cards will be even cheaper to get. Everyone will have option to test yourself with the best players. Hope it will look like that someday.

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PC having low player count compared to console is not a viable reason for discriminating us , other than you made good points , but let's not go as far as making the market the same for  console and pc , I mean I would have loved that , but let's go step by step , let's at least have the same rewards as a start.

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