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Re: Sweet Treat Showdown Event FAQ

by simmerdownMAL

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Re: Sweet Treat Showdown Event FAQ

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Community Manager

Hi @simmerdownMAL, thank you for expressing your concern about threads like this. I'd like to address it directly as I'm sure others might have the same concerns. Standard smile


Constructive feedback and criticism - regardless of the board - is reported up by Community Managers every day. The studios are getting your feedback, we're seeing to that. We've already forwarded on the feedback shared in this thread to date.

As for who staffs AHQ, these boards are monitored and staffed by Community Managers like myself and @SimGuruMaaike from EA (not Firemonkey). Saying that, we are in daily contact with Firemonkeys and we relay feedback players share here up in our reports daily as well as flagging issues for investigation. This is true for every AHQ board and we do this to ensure the communities insights and concerns are heard by the studios. It is why Answers HQ is a great platform for the community to take advantage of.


On another note sometimes players can be disheartened when they can't see their suggestions manifest in the game updates or changes. If you aren't seeing your changes being implemented please don't take that to mean it wasn't heard and strongly considered. It's important to know that while the studio are aware of your feedback they won't be able to enact all of the changes suggested. However, please don't let that fact dissuade you from posting feedback at all. It's still valuable even if in the end some parts couldn't be implemented.Heart 

*Edi to add*: I've moved some more posts into this thread. Please use this space for feedback. TYVM guys. 


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Re: Sweet Treat Showdown Event FAQ

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@EA_LannaThank you very much for taking the time to explain the process and reassure that feedback posted here is passed along or up to the powers that be!

Being completely new to the world of Sims and EA AHQ, it’s difficult to understand how all of this works, who Community Managers are and what they do, and anything that happens once a post is made. All I knew was that the CM/face of TSM used to be SimGuruFrost with Maxis, and now there is another CM and several SimGuru faces associated with TSM from FM (none of whom utilize AHQ), and I didn’t know where the other CMs came into play or who they work with/for. Your post makes it appear like CMs here work for a separate entity reporting to EA, rather than one of the studios, but it’s very reassuring to better understand how critical* and/or constructive feedback is passed along from this site back to the studio. Thanks again.


Edit: critical, as in the weight of importance. Not critical, as in negative. I re-read that and wanted to clarify. 

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Re: Sweet Treat Showdown Event FAQ

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@givememore86 how much SimCash you need to pay depends on the round of the challenge: the further you go the more you have to pay. so if you lose the first round you'll only have to pay 5 SimCash to continue, the second round is 10 simcash, the third is 15 SimCash and it goes up to 100 simcash (at least it's the highest amount I was asked to pay, which I didn't bc the prizes aren't worth it).


accordingly for game strategy it's better to take a risk in the first rounds not spending any sugar cubes (since the price for continuing is way lower) and saving them for rounds 4,5,6 and 7. not spending any sugar cubes in the first three rounds makes it quite attainable to reach at round seven. 

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Re: Sweet Treat Showdown Event FAQ

★★ Guide

What I Loved:

  • I loved the anticipation and teasers from the FM SimGurus leading up to the event. It seemed that everyone was on board, engaged with the community, and hyping the players up. The teasers were a lot of fun and showed the SimGurus as being personable and excited about the release of their new event. 
  • I loved, loved, loved the newness of concept and style of event. For months TSM become very routine and the events didn’t change much. It felt like I was following a recipe when going through the walkthroughs. This event ripped up the playbook. It was creative and out of the box. Honestly, it was brave. Regardless if the event was a success or a failure in the eyes of the players, FM tried something new, and that was amazing. Furthermore, it required players to come together to figure things out and brainstorm on the best approaches to reap the most rewards. I loved working together with players to simply figure things out. It was very communal.
  • I loved the details and design. The graphics were beautiful, the colors and details on the cooking stations were really well thought out. The writing was fun. Even the little disaster pop-up that looked like the poo emoji with sprinkles was hilarious! I got a real kick out of that. The animations were fantastic. I think this really showed off the talent of the devs and the beauty they can bring to the game.
  • The prizes were diverse and included something for everyone: furniture, decorations, clothes, hairstyles. The bedroom furniture has energy bonuses.
  • Removing duplicate prizes. Well done! That was great. 
  • It was really difficult to understand from the instructions and even the UI, but I liked how the Sweet Treat Challenge attempts refilled and then stored up to 3/3. It was similar to head start items in past events, like a cauldron of candy filling up, but then maxing at a certain number.

What I Disliked:

  • Oof - this event sure did drain all my resources. It was difficult, and TSM players aren’t used to this level of difficulty and spending. On one hand, I’ve played countless games with loot boxes full of prizes, and the player gets what they get, and they don’t get everything they want. TSM players who work really hard at the game and follow the walkthrough are used for getting everything, or nearly everything from an event, and don’t have to spend much to get it. Honestly, it doesn’t feel all that great needing to spend all the resources for a chance at prizes, especially if you lose. Players who are left with nothing (no prize and a loss in resources) have much to complain about. Overall, the event was difficult for a daily, overzealous super fan. It must be really difficult and unobtainable for newer players. 
  • I’m not a fan of LlamaZooms, but we used to get tokens when completing them, and that was not an option here for another chance. I think it should have been another source of tokens. 
  • The activities did not yield as much sweet treats as one would like. Only 30, unless a player had a cupcake to get the bonus. Either the rewards were too low, or the activities and cool downs were too long, because it felt like it took too long to reach 425 to open a box. This part wasn’t fun. 
  • It would have been really cool if the grand prize fireplace or wood shed offered a 75-point party action. Players like items with party actions. 
  • The details on the front of the bedroom furniture prizes, like the drawers and hardware, left something to be desired when comparing it to other furniture we’ve received. 
  • I was not a fan of the simultaneous release of the Top Secret quest. I tried to complete that with my alt account, and instead of succeeding at the quest and/or the Sweet Treat Showdown, I did extremely poor at juggling both, and that was disappointing. I hope the quest comes back at a time when a live event isn’t going on. 

What I Hated:

  • This event separated the haves from the have nots. Players who completed it quickly, like too quickly to be true, were met with animosity and jealousy from other players, either for flaunting their wealth, or for having blatant hacked accounts. This event style rewards the players who hack the game and have unlimited SimCash and cupcakes, and punishes the players who are trying to complete it to the best of their ability around their real life commitments. Players who hack the game and complete it within 24-36 hours give off unrealistic expectations to other players, especially newer players, who don’t understand why they’re so far behind the players who finished quickly. I don’t know what EA can do about this, if anything, but this style of event does not provide equal opportunity to succeed and win prizes. And honestly, I would hate to perform poorly after working so hard and not get the grand prizes, but see other players have them who won them unfairly. If anything would make me leave the game, well it’s this.

What I Hope to See:

  • It would be great to unlock one of each prize before unlocking any colors for said prizes.
  • After this event, it would be amazing to have an event where the prizes were resources, instead of furniture, clothes, hair, etc. It would be really cool to have prizes be a generous amount of simoleons, SimCash, cupcakes, fashion gems, and life tickets. That would be a nice balance between resource-draining events. 
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Re: Sweet Treat Showdown Event FAQ

★★★ Guide

@simmerdownMAL Well done and well said! 👏🏼 I agree with almost everything you said here, and I love how clearly you stated everything. I wish I could give you more than one XP point (I'd give you 100 if I could).


I especially like your idea to have an event that rewards resources. They ought to have something like that regularly, in fact. Maybe that's what Wumples ought to be giving out.

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Re: Sweet Treat Showdown Event

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★★★★ Novice

I love the idea of the event.... But I feel that it's impossible to get the grand prize (a very slim chance even spending real money), it would be a good idea imo to rerun the event and have it pick up wherever the player left off. 


   Pros of event:

no repeats (I LOVE that there are no repeats in prizes!)


The prizes themselves (unfortunately I won't be able to obtain most of them due to the * below)


   * of event: 

Boxes cost to much (cutting prices in half would help)~I like this idea better ↑~


Not enough time (instead of cutting prices in half of boxes you could double the time)


That's all I can think of right now... 

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Re: Sweet Treat Showdown Event FAQ

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Community Manager

Hi @simmerdownMAL, I totally get it. You're not alone in that and that's why I wanted to take that opportunity to reply so thank you for asking again. 

Kudos also, on your feedback post. It's well written, well structured and super constructive. Thumbs up Thanks for sharing.Standard smile

*Edit to add:* Thanks also @thecakeisaLIE82 and @SnowQueen1840. Keep it coming ^^


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Re: Sweet Treat Showdown Event FAQ

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@EA_Lanna Just wondering apart from the feedback side, if anyone on this thread is having issues with their game? Mine is so blurry, I can barely see the event, which is a shame. I've seen a lot of people on other threads with this problem, but heard no feedback? I feel like I can't even enjoy this quest while it is happening, there's a serious bug though since the new update?
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Re: Sweet Treat Showdown Event FAQ

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Community Manager

Hi @JuSTjazZY81,


I understand how that wouldn't be enjoyable and the feedback is always appreciated. That's what this thread is for. Thumbs up

I'd ask If anyone is experiencing that same issue to please join this bug thread to stay up to date with it's progress, discuss it and to help keep this thread on topic. Be sure to hit the 'Me too' button under the first post to show you're also having that problem too. On feedback for that issue, @SimGuruMaaike has said they are investigating it (see here). She won't be able to share any updates with you until until there's news to update the thread with so please watch that space and subscribe to the thread for notifications on that issue.


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Re: Sweet Treat Showdown Event

★ Apprentice

Hello ☺!


I also do like the animations and the updates pretty much, but i really think this is stupid to run days for one single bigger eventbox and you are not even able to finish the megaprice collection without spending real cash...

I mean it is ok that there are payoptions..but this is a way to expensive.

A fireplace for tons of simcash? No thanks..

Takes all the fun away atm.

What is happening here?

Only pay to win now for the future?

Not fair for the gamers at all.....


It is no fun and it is really no gaming adventure anymore.....also higher lvls and good players say that...well i think a lot of ppl think this way.

Please think about your concept? Who will buy this and play this in the future if it keeps this way. Most people will not spend that cash...


Thanks and have a nice day!



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