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Suspicious Cheaters

by Metropolis007

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Suspicious Cheaters

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I'm seeing some cheaters in the game who has faster build rate. It feels some opponents build twice as fast than normal even when the speed build bar is high while mine is low speed. Like I would have 2-3 units including harvesters and my opponent has 3-4 units but gets their units it's out faster than I do.

I can tell when an opponent has a low or high build speed rate bar, cause of the amount of units the opponent has or I do.


I remember a few weeks ago maybe longer than that my build rate would be very slow as I would only have one unit or none, but the opponent has 4 units out and I can't build anyting, cause he just builds faster as what he shouldn't be.

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Re: Suspicious Cheaters

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just played against a player that like to cheat 

like build units that shouldnt be ready in the first couple of sec like a flame tank there is no way they could get that

also so cheap petty stuff too like moving a unit back and forth between 2 spots so you can get in due to there lagging the game 

a player that goes by N1stalker grade A cheater 

but EA wont to jack squat but oo go report them here not hey we need to add a button to auto report in the game

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Re: Suspicious Cheaters

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If you think someone is cheating  record that match and upload it to youtube.

words are not enough in this case , there are several ways to build more units or bypassing unit count for example Seth's flame troopers can be used even when you hit max unit count so you use them when you are 5/5 to gain advantage.

on the other hand the fastest way to get Tech units is destroying enemy harvester, make sure to check everything before calling someone cheater.


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Re: Suspicious Cheaters

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posting to youtube is a * idea


if there is no ingame reporting function, for anything, not just suspect players, then this is just a money grab.

Hell, there isn't even a valid 'contact support' option... money grab

I've shared, and watched many replays and have seen players moving through a round without building harvesters and win, building forces that should not be built as fast as they as building. When I try to do it myself, i find that it is not possible. Even against a player that didn't even play I could not build epic units as fast as opponents have built them

money grab

or EA is condoning the behavior

either way, it's *

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Re: Suspicious Cheaters

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i do i even watch the replay 2-3 times to see what they build and how fast and so on
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Re: Suspicious Cheaters

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the problem watching the replay is that you cannot see the enemies build speed bar and tiberium collections. plus posting on youtube does nothing. reporting to EA help doesn't do much either...  since a few matches today I may found 1-2 cheaters already since last time I wasn't' able to play the game... but I don't want to mention names on the forums but I can say its one of the bs... alliances that always wins most of their games.

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Re: Suspicious Cheaters

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@hsm1391I watch replays all the time when I see something fishy... its when someone build two units within a few seconds.

i'm not talking about the speed rate build that quickly goes into selection build mode from greyed out cool down once your amount of units have been destroyed on the field....

if you don't know what i'm talking about then your watching the wrong type of games.

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Re: Suspicious Cheaters

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I hope that EA is reading this.  It's very simple: find and ban the cheaters or legal action will ensue.  This is no trolling, it's the first request that action be taken.  This message will be delivered to EA more formally, but this is a test to see what kind of monitoring EA does in the forums.

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Re: Suspicious Cheaters

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i highly doubt that they would be watch this closely and the ban hammer will not come out bc they are making way too much money off of pay to win players 

another example of a cheater is i was playing against a GDI player after a couple of min he bring out a mech with no harvester at all and starts bring those out one right after another by the time that i might be able to do anything he had 6  on the field with in 2 min i have the replay shared but nothing has been done about it 

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Re: Suspicious Cheaters

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If you see something super obvious like a flame tank first get a video of it and pm it to me and I will direct message it to a dev.

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