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Surrender button triggering automatically

by Artriedes

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Surrender button triggering automatically

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I was playing a game and about 20 secs in the game, it just faded to black and stopped. I thought the opponent surrendered and wondered why,  since they weren't in trouble or anything.  However,  after the screen turned black,  instead of hearing "mission accomplished" like you normally do when the opponent surrenders,  i heard "our base has been distroyed". That's when i realized that the game somehow thinks that i hit the surrender button WHEN I CLEARLY DIDNT SURRENDER. My fingers didn't go anywhere near the surrender button and i was just focusing on the game. Also, not a single missile had fired at that point and none of the bases took any damage at all. We were at the start of the gane where we were just starting to harrass each others harvestors. So i can only conclude that this is a bug due to which either random surrenders are triggered, or cheaters are somehow able to trigger a surrender from the opponent. Anyone else experienced this?

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Re: Surrender button triggering automatically

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@Artriedes Idk...if someone is cheating like that...if so EA needs to fix it....I will try real quick but if you surrender I think it doesnt say your base has been destroyed or whatever but I think it says mission explosions or anything.
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Re: Surrender button triggering automatically

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There have been a number of complaints about the location of the surrender button, as many claim to be surrendering unintentionally.

Maybe this is whay happened, maybe not.


In any case you can always view your match history to see if you got the ‘base destroyed’ or ‘defeated’ message.

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Re: Surrender button triggering automatically

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I'm guessing your using a phone with small  screen bezel. I too run into this problems with my samsung s10+  triggering the surrender button by mistake due to the button being so close to the edge where the base of my index finger triggers it. Almost have thrown my phone across the room in more then a few occasions. But i don not hit it with my old samsung s7 due to a larger screen bezel 

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