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Supra mk4

by migi2768877

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Supra mk4

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Suppra mk4 now!!! We want it

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Re: Supra mk4

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So you know up front Toyota pulled out of video games some years back.

Toyota didn't want the image of their cars to be changed in body cosmetics or look anything other then what they found accepted. 

Also, EA won't be adding any more cars to Payback.

New NFS game will be marketed this June 2019 at the EA3 show. 

I hope this information is helpful to you. 

Have a fantastic day.👍😊

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Re: Supra mk4

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I don't get it - why they care about cosmetic damage for cars that are not being manufactured anymore? aka Supra. Most of the sports cars I know from games - otherwise I will never hear about it.
Toyota made the stupidest decision ever....

Shame that  also Mitsubishi FTO is not being in games since Gran Turismo 2 or Forza 3 Frown(( My beloved FTO (which I've owend of course Standard smile )


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Re: Supra mk4

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Yes, I was not a happy camper either when Toyota pulled out of video games.

I want my beloved MR2 back....LOL

Have a great day...XP me if you like my pictures. High five

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