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Suggestions for Career Mode

by WillyBiH

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Suggestions for Career Mode

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You guys sure did great work on career mode, but I have some points I would like to get improved for next Fifa games (or maybe patched into Fifa 18)


Leagues and Cups:

- First of all I'd like to start with leagues - sure there are alot of leagues in Fifa, don't get me wrong on that point, but lots of them are not really that interesting to play if you're not a fan of a specific football club in that league, mostly because of not having a 2nd division. Sure, countries like Belgium, Portugal, Austria, the Netherlands, Russia etc. don't have such great traditional clubs in their 2nd division but still it would make playing with teams like Genk, Sturm Graz, Austria Wien, CSKA, Twente, Ajax, Porto, Sporting RB Salzburg, and so on much more interesting, especially that most of these leagues only have like 10 or 12 teams make it boring quite fast, so a 2nd division would be a great improvement...also let's stay in Europe for the moment, I would really love to get more European leagues into Fifa, wheres the Croatian league (with teams like Dinamo Zagreb, Hajduk Split or even HNK Rijeka, who recently won against Milan in Europa League), Serbian League (alone for the Beograd-Derby between Partizan and Crvena Zvjezda), not to forget Greek League (4 teams already in Fifa, so please get the rest), Ukrainian, Czech, maybe even weaker leagues like Hungarian, Bosnian, Slovenian (which I think Iremember was in Fifa 07 or something), Albanian, Romanian. That would make so many people so happy. 

Also a league, or better say 3 leagues worth including would be the Italian Lega Pro, lot's of great, old, tradtitional clubs from pretty much every bigger city in Italy, would make Italians and also me as fan of AC MIlan and generally Italian football so happy, also if Germany can get a 3rd tier, why not also Spain, Barca B is in the game now Real Madrids Castilla is missing,...

Let's now go to South America - why is Brazil league so strange, no talents, nothing, make it right pls. Also please put one or two more 1st divisions in and give us the possibility to play the Copa Libertatores...would make Argentinian, Brazilan and Colombian league so much more playable,

- Second point, if I'm playing with for example RB Salzburg and after 3 seasons start dominating Europe, winning Champions Cup every year, then Austria should get more European places. make something like UEFAs 5-yr-ranking. put the max of seasons at 20 and make a 2 or 3 yr. ranking in that case...

Chinese league would be cool to implement too


Build in random occasions

With random occasions I'm meaning things like change of ownership in one of your leagues teams (for example I'm playing a career mode with Milan, 1st seasion just came in the Champions Cup, next 2 seasons I'm competing with Inter and Juve (these are the teams I'm strangly most compete for the title in my Milan save) for the title, in the course of the second season there is a news article that for example FC Bologna or Palermo or any 2nd tier team got taken over by an rich investor from the East, so they are spending pretty big over the next few seasons and start competing for the title a year later or so.

These random occasions would make the career mode more variable and interesting

Some other ideas for these random occasions: I club is in financial troubles (has to sell players etc.), a club didn't get the license (should be extremly rare to stay realistic, forced to go down a division), also you could use that indepht budget simulation to make some kind of financial fairplay with penalties if you finish a season with a negative balance, some mega talent in a smaller league or team come up randomly (not meaning regens which are kinda cool)


Players, potentials, change in stats, form...

So next point is players, 1st thing I would change is to make that potential thing more flexible, more affected of the performance of the player. If I'm playing a career mode with AC Milan and I decide to call back Stefan Simic (a really average player, has potential around 78) and letting him start every game, and he's winning 90 percent of his duells, his potential should be able to go up a bit, so he can reach like 82 or something (sure for extreme potential players like Mbappe or Asensio the changes in max OVR should not get much higher maybe like 1 OVR difference). On the other hand if Donnarumma is letting in goals like crazy he shouldn't be able to reach the 94 that quickly or at I think you get what I mean.

Also (this is kinda hard to implement with simulating games) the changes in stats should alos be affected by games more, I'll explain: if I have a RW making alot of interceptions, I think it should make his defensive stats go up, make it more based of the play style, in real life too if a teams is for example playing a formation with 3 at the back the right midfielders have to adapt and play more defensively, and with time they get better at tackling

Next a small change regarding form: it would be cool if it would be like the live form for the kick-off mode, that it simulates temporary changes in stats and overall, so if a Cutrone at 70 one games scores a hattrick that his stats go up temporaraly so he has like a 74...and the other way around



some options need to be brought back or to get new into the game

- buy-out clause for loan deals and also obligation to buy

- the ability to get a 3rd team involved in the transfer which will directly get the player as loan (like happend i real life with Gnarby) or an option to buy the player but that he stays at the old club for an additional year

- a clause, that allows you to buy a player which has been previously sold by you if another club wants to buy him, I think Özil has such a clause at Real Madrid

- buy-back-clause, like happend with Deulofeu with Barca

- release clause, which can be activated if your team don't manage to qualify for example the Champions Cup

this has to be changed

- Turkish, US-American and Chinese clubs should buy big old players more often (clubs like LA Galaxy, Galatasaray etc. do this quite often), for example when after 2-3 seasons when Modric gets weaker and don't gets lot of game time LA Galaxy could make a offer for him

- older players often return to their home country when they don't get much playtime in big leagues, for example a 35-yr. old Mascherano goes to Boca Juniors for example

- some big clubs (often Bayern, Juve or Barca in most cases) in some saves never make any bigger transfer, sometimes they are buying players with like 83 potential and thats it

- some players (especially weak players in big clubs) are really hard to sell (I thing due to the wage) - it takes me long times to sell all the low potential, and old players at Milan, because only 2nd tier clubs make offers (which is logical) but it's failing at the contract negotations, also it's generally strange that sometimes no top teams seem to be interested in great players which are transferlisted, for example I had Iniesta transferlisted at Milan (bought it a season prior as back-up) at 80 OVR took half a year that I sold him to Galatasaray, smaller teams like Bologna, Mainz etc made offers, which I accepted but the deal failed due to Iniesta earning to much...


General Things

Scouting - the actual scouting system only brings up talents from certain countries, I would leave the bigger countries (Germany, Italy (maybe there San Marino could be a posibilty), France, Russia, China, Brazil, Argentina) and instead of alot of smaller countries I would make groups of countries (like North America (USA+Canada+Mexico), Caribic, Middle America, South America (-Brazil and Argentina), British Isles (England Wales, Scotland, Ireland, N. Ireland), Scandinavia (iceland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark), Iberia (Spain, Portugal, Andorra) Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg), Middle Europe (Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Czechia, Slovenia), Balkans (Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Kosova, Albania, Montenegro, Mazedonia, Greece, Turkey, Romania), Eastern Europe( Poland, Baltic States, Ukraine, ...), Far East (Saudi Arabia, Syria, Israel, UAE, Iran, Iraq...), Caucasus States (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia), Middle Asia (Kazahkstan, Afghanistan, these little States in the Himalaya like Nepal and Bhutan...), South Asia (India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam), East Asia (Japan, Korean Peninsula), Oceania (Australia, New Zealand and all these little island states), North Africa, Middle Africa, Southern Africa,... - well that escalated quickly, but so you would have players all around the world if you wish, also 5 scouts and more space for the youth squad, maybe even simulated youth leagues, a slightly bigger chance of getting real great talents which start at maybe OVR 68 or something and transfer and loan offers for youth players over 16...

- Next one is regardng loan players in other leagues, please at least make up any realistic statistics for that specific player and don't make the growth slower for loaned player, * up some of my talents

- now it's cool that bad starts and bad forms are simulated but at my saves big teams struggle way to often and to extreme, I had AS Roma at 17 in matchday 13, also I had ManU finishing 14th (which is unrealistic, have to admit it even though I don't like them :D), same with Arsenal, Napoli, Atletico, Dortmund, etc., also how come that Real Madrid gets relegated to Europa League?! Happend to me 2 times in 1st seasons...

- so now if a team has a happening something from above, what happens then? Yeah, the coach gets booted out of the club, never happens in Fifa, Pep could take ManC to npower League 2 and the board would still believe in him in FIfa, just make a pool out of good coaches with no job (like Tuchel, Ancelotti, Koeman, Van Gaal, etc.), then when a team is underperforming change the coach out



Well, I could go on forever but I'll leave it here hope some of these things get to the game, if you're sometimes out of ideas for Career Mode, you could hire me for a home office job (just kidding Large smile working for Konami - just kidding haha)

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Re: Suggestions for Career Mode

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Re: Suggestions for Career Mode

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I absolutely agree with the part of adding a 2nd league to the Netherlans e.g.

It is 2019 now and it looks like it still won’t be added in FIFA 20.

I also wrote a suggestion for the addition of the ‘KNVB Beker’ and the ‘Johan Cruijff schaal’ in the Dutch league. Make sure to check it out. 

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