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Suggestions FIFA 20 Career Mode

by KosKareem39

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Re: Suggestions FIFA 20 Career Mode

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Great post which summarises so many key things for improvement. And most importantly, EA had most of these things in FIFA 07!! That's more than 10 years ago... let that sink in... please EA, give career mode the so much deserved overhaul. I got drawn into FUT a bit in the early days but the lack of creativity in building cool teams (it's only league/country focused and hardly any starheads outside of Premier League) is incentivizing me to go back to career mode. Only it is so outdated in terms of gameplay and starheads that I'm having more fun playing FIFA 07 than the latest version...

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Re: Suggestions FIFA 20 Career Mode

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Good day so we all know that fifa is the best soccer game but wats shocking is PES now is actually dragging in terms of realistic views with there BAL mode it’s believable so please I wanna plea that EA make changes like in our pro career I want us to Be able to break records held by other players like Messi or Ronaldo, Please more cutscenes more customizations if you could do it for the journey den just put a little of that data patch to the career mode.. It would be nice if we start as a youth in exit trial and a club picks us we don’t pick them and pundits can be pls more realistic views thank you
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Re: Suggestions FIFA 20 Career Mode

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  • We want to be able to sign players who are on approach to sign, immediately. We want to be able to scout players, already in the shortlist, instead of searching for them again to scout them. We want the ability to change kits after every season. Sign new kit sponsors once the current one expires, even new kit supplier deals too. They'll say it cannot be done for legal reasons blah blah blah blah but make it possible and modders will do the rest
    Enable modding for consoles too. We can have a boot model and have all its colour ways on the specific boot instead on having a long line of same boots with different colour ways. We can even have like a Nike i.d thing for boots. We want hem to fix the salary negotiations as it currently flawed. Let be able to create career manager face. We could even have two fifa version one for fut and one dedicated to career mode. I don't play fut and don't care for it but I'm sure it's taking up space on my hd. we want GK glove, boot and star head updates. What exactly do you guys do all year? The game play was perfect since fifa 16. All you guys had to do was cosmetic and structural updates. No fifa 20 for me if you feed us the same thing again this year.
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