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Suggestion to developer

by SC2StriKE

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Suggestion to developer

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Hello !


I play a lot of CnC:Rivals in my free time and i really like it. i have some suggestion to you it's may helpful


- Domination mode ( kill the others base inteasd of capture a silo )

- 2v2 mode

- more social interaction such as friend , whisper , can check ranking in friend list , connect to a facebook/twitter etc.

- draft mode (same as arena in hearthstone or same as in clash royale let you draft a card to battle with the same level, more win more reward can lose up to 3)


And an alliance war mode it's may look like a conquest in kw or something like that

- let player in alliance help each other capture a territory but win a small battle something like that

- after an alliance war ended give a reward to winner (to a loser too but not that much.)


more mode that let player stick to a game not just ladder 1v1 you can look at clash royale 




And little suggestion it's may not important but in Domination mode. you may make a map bigger and faster unit cooldown to make a bigger battlefield and more epic


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