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Suggestion: new Nod infantry (pls. read post)

by Shinerplunderer

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Suggestion: new Nod infantry (pls. read post)

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I wanted to ask for a nod infantry that can easily turn the tides for anyone who is not using infantry. I'll make a scenario where a nod player has the new unit and the opponent doesn't even have a single infantry on the map. The next thing the opponent knows, his base is under attack by something he can't see. This is when it hits him, the new unit is an experimental SBH from C&C Renegade that is permanently INVISIBLE!

SBH stands for stealth black-hand, and these units have low health but high attack, their lazers are effective against any ground infantry, vehicle or structure. They cost 100 to train one in the battlefield cause they're experimental suit is unstable and dangerous. They have a 1 tile range to avoid using them as scouts, and they won't attack unless you tell them to. When they die, their suit explodes, slightly injuring any ground unit caught in the blast.

In Renegade X, I always used theses guys to scout the enemy, there's no way I can be caught unless I'm too close to an infantry.

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