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Re: Striker Injuries

by milamber182

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Striker Injuries

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Every 2-3 matches Mertens gets injured (out for 4-5 matches) in Squad Battles without fail. He's not even injury prone. It usually happens when he's challenging a defender in the air and never from a foul. Costing me a lot coins on injury cards.

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Re: Striker Injuries

EA Origin Team


Thanks for the feedback. How many times would you say this has happened?


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Re: Striker Injuries

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I rarely go 2 Squad Battle matches without having at least 1 injured player. Mertens gets injured in about 50% of his matches.


By comparison. in Single Player I can play 8 matches and maybe get 1 or 2 injuries. Obviously, Squad Battle matches are much more physical. The problem is that the chance of being injured by a strong (but legal) challenge is too high, IMO.


See screenshot for an example of a recent Squad Battle match on Professional difficulty. None of the injuries were from fouls.


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