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Squad Battles is so rigged!

by fredthehead331

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Re: Squad Battles is so rigged!

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game feels different from yesterday.

yesterday won every one on legendary by 3 goals bar the highlighted squad to managed to only concede 1 for a 1 nil win for me.

today won all 4 but the players were defo slower although at odd moments they sped up.

now for an offline game this isnt right.

im fully wired with a nacon revolution 2 pro....

the other day on squad battles i gave away a free kick.
eriksen lined up to take it then .....just refused to take it...
fearing the game would give me a loss at this point.
moved the wall forward to get the ref to blow and it sorted itself out....explain ea?

your last patch has certainly messed up some coding yet again.

bit like slidergate when someone had 120 on all their sliders patched it then a new patch reverted to the old problem lol.

do you use a base template and accidentally revert back to template 1 to add the next batch of changes ?
coz thats what it looks like
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Re: Squad Battles is so rigged!

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Re: Squad Battles is so rigged!

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Seriously I've read all of these commemts about Squad battles and nothing has changed since then no changes at all one thing that drives me nuts is that every time the goalie kicks the ball far the AI gets it every time another is when your trying to get possession of the ball when lose for some "lucky" reason it goes to AI to build a quick play and score they up their low rated players and feel like im playing ReaL or Barcelona on steroids your looking for a fair game amd what you get is players running on mud while a team with no chemistry all of a sudden get great chemistry amd score messi and Ronaldo goals against you. FIFA claims to make this game realistic this is not realistic whatsoever. Lately i been getting pounded on i have De Gea whos my goalie and concedes so many goals he had 6 goals and 5 on previous games how does one the most expensive goalies get scored on this way against players who shooting is 70?? Less than 80 and score some amazing goals mot even my players can do! Fix this game FIFA because this year its simply disappointing to play this game your only proving the doubters right and eventually will choose another game to play like fortnite which a lot of my friends are playing since they're extremely frustrated with lack of transparency from EA
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Re: Squad Battles is so rigged!

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Yup 100% it now feels like all game are being played on ultimate. 88 rated teams play like 68 rated teams and vice versa. The players feel invincible and 99 rated. It's ridiculous. Why haven't ea give us feedback or fixed this *.
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