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Re: Squad Battles is so rigged!

by milamber182

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Re: Squad Battles is so rigged!

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It hasn't gotten any fairer, that's for sure!


Lat night i played a 69 rated 50 chem team on legendary and the scripting, momentum, handicapping and slider manipulation was disgusting!

I was 2-0  up and battering the AI(the bronze goalie was having a 10/10 game, plus the woodwork was struck multiple times), but out of nowhere in the second half my players stopped being able to move.

The AI scored a bs goal in the 86th minute, and from kick off my players stood like statues to allow a equalizer - blatant bs cheating from the AI - not one player responded to any button pressed. Extra time fared no better as my players refused to move, and even when i tried to make subs (booted the ball out of play) it did not make them. Thankfully i won on penalties but there was zero enjoyment in being cheated like this.


I also played an 83 rated 100 chem on professional - this game was more like legendary, and it is a game i have played several times before - this script is where it is a draw until the AI lets you win the game 2-1 in the last 5 mins!, and i have played this game several times now. My players refused to move normally until the defence opened up in the last 5 mins where my Dzeko felt nimbler than ever before and waltzed through banging in the winner. Again not enjoyable.


The other two in the set were a 5-1 win on pro against 81 rated 100 chem and the other a 1-0 on legendary against a low 70 rated team with 30 odd chemistry - in this game i was not really allowed to shoot against the bronze goalie - no matter when i tried to shoot it was either blocked or the wood work was struck - not dubious at all!


This is a great addition for an offline player like myself - but we need more transparency on how the chemistry works in this mode, why low chem teams are majorly boosted and feel harder than normal teams. We need to be explained as to why our players play to their stats one game, and turn like tug boats and have the touch of a baby elephant the next, regardless if they have 99 fitness. 


Kick off glitch needs to go - even the AI exploit this.

Fouls given against the AI needs to be addressed - they can rugby tackle, pull shirts, two foot from behind, morph through players and come out with the ball - it's ridiculous!

xp level needs to be addressed - how is this still an issue.

Those that still have not had their icon edition packs.

The penalties need to be looked at as the AI save 90%

Those forbidden words need to be addressed properly - personally i believe they are in the game along with this dynamic difficulty rubbish - we need transparency.

Pack odds of pulling a good player would be nice like PES do.

AI substitutions needs to be coded properly.


I'm all for #fixfifa, and transparency is one of the biggest fixes that need to happen.

Personally i would like the game returned to the original release version, with goalkeepers, long shots and the defenders reactions tweaked and we would have the best Fifa yet, not this 17.2 rubbish.


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Re: Squad Battles is so rigged!

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I am elite gold level 1 , it's very rigged
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Re: Squad Battles is so rigged!

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I play ultimate mode have won sometimes But most of the time no matter what you do you still loss , I decided to score first then let the timer run down that's how I win the AI system, it's so rigged that your player becomes slower and you can't even do short passes
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Re: Squad Battles is so rigged!

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I moved to pes but get on Fifa18 once a week to see if anyone at ea is doing there job & all I need to say is lol. Seriously ozil & Kroos can no longer pass salah is the slowest player on the game. Every pass intercepted this game is straight broken seriously every one complained about scripting so instead of toning it down they raised it by 100 lol. This games company is dead rip ea no way this game should be a esports game, gaming standards need to step in now enough is enough.
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Re: Squad Battles is so rigged!

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Same here playing sqaud battles at legend to cause ultimate always screw me over. The thing is when i play the singel player división i get pretty easy wins against napoli, atlético and psg on ultímate but a 70 rated * team with 46 chemistry blows my entire team away
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Re: Squad Battles is so rigged!

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Scripting is so obvious, if you are playing a team with some of the same players as you, their players are far superior than the broken players you end up using.

As if that wasn't bad enough, the lack of comment from EA, shows just how little they think of us customers. No explanation, no sorry but it's being fixed as fast as possible, nothing, and all you get from EA help is wait, no time frame given just wait.


Maybe it's time for a petition to FIFA. EA only care about is how much they can wring out of us idiots who keep buying it. And without the last petition, would they have taken any notice of our complaints, totally disgusted at the treatment i have received, and all i did was buy a game for £70

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Re: Squad Battles is so rigged!

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Squad battles is definitely rigged!! I always tend to hit elite 3 or elite 2 while playing most games on world class oe legendary...
But why do these crappy low rated teams with such low chemistry give me so much *!!!
Just played a 80 rated team with 46 chemistry, surely they should be error prone as anything... cause not, they played like Barcelona passing the ball around me in perfect triangles... there team didnt have a player past 75 pace yet they were sll quicker than my 90+ paced wingers and full backs... then there best player was marouane fellaini and he played like bloody Lionel messi on flipping steroids...
What the hell is this * about ea!!! Whats the point of ultimate team being based on team chemistry if these low chem teams keep getting boosted...
Fine you get beat at times when you play badly but when your getting beat because of utter bollocks in the game it just winds people up and makes the game un fun....
Id much rather play full 100 chem teams as they seem to cut out the bull *
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Re: Squad Battles is so rigged!

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It is so rigged.


I do have a good team 187, 87 rated, 100% chemistry and play fairly well, I am in Division 1 in Single Player Season, but Squad battles mode is so annoying to play.


I just played a team that was 66 rated with 53 chemistry, so I decided to play Ultimate to get the maximum number of points, and my players could not run (I have a really fast team), could not pass, the selected player was always switching to a player far away from the ball, my players were actually not positioning themselves well at all, I did one tackle in the game, got a red card, a defense player tacked me by behind, in the penalty area and there was no even a card, I got a penalty but the 54 bronze goalie stopped it.


I could not pass their defense consisted of bronze players (63 LB, 60 CM in CB position, 61 CAM in DB position and 55 LB in RB position), I was using my wingers speed (I have Bale, 94 pace and Deulofeu, 93 pace, plus Suarez in ST, they were always faster, stronger (every time they were close to one of my players, my player could not hold the ball more than a second).


This is totally unrealistic, the rating on the card do not mean anything, EA developed a mode that is really really bad, but make no mistake, EA knows and actually benefit from all these IA cheats.


It is really sad that they do not want to improve this mode because it is interesting but not fun anymore as you never know if you are going to win 7-1 in Ultimate against an 83 rated team (i have done it), or loose 0-1 against a 66 rated team with no chem.

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Re: Squad Battles is so rigged!

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Majority of the points raised in this feed I agree on, I'm not at all claiming that I'm the best player out there but I've built my squad up to 85 rating and some world class players amongst the team... but I find as much as this is my best team since ultimate team began when it was paid dlc. But in 18 they play as well as my nan when I'm on squad battles... It's weird, there are some games I can beat a team with Naymar, Ronaldo, Messi up front, easily 5-1 on world class but then the next team is bronze and players i've never heard of and they can shield 3 players, turn them all and put the ball past my 85-91 rated keeper, it's a joke!! forget playing long balls unless you're lucky. Every through ball they play seems like their player will run double the length to the ball and your player seem as though he is millimetres from the ball as they overtake and take the ball for an easy 1-1... There are times I notice the switch and suddenly I'll have gone from having them pressed in their box for majority of the game and with the post in better form than the keeper and I'll lose any lead and a further 3 goals in the space of 10 mins, like, I can't touch the ball at all and I may as well have started on unbeatable... my friends and I have truly begun to believe that it's rigged... you're not alone my friend, at first I thought to play pro/semi against the higher rated teams and it's still like playing world class whoever I play!! Ea went down the pan when they realised people will buy their game and pay more money not to play the game just to get a team full of totw players before they play a game... I can write about my frustration to this game mode for days but feel all I have written so far will only be seen and cared about by people in agreement and suffering the same fate as the people in this feed... all I wish for is enjoyment to return to FIFA rather than clicking start and expecting a loss from a bronze squad!!
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Re: Squad Battles is so rigged!

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Last week I was winning most Squad Battles matches on Professional and thrashing teams like 5-0 on Semi-Pro... until the weekend when I was getting slaughtered. I thought with the start of the new week things would go back to normal but no. Now I'm struggling to win on Professional against all but the weakest teams and I can barely scrape a 1-0 win on Semi-Pro. No way my skill level went downhill that fast.

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