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Re: Squad Battles is so rigged!

by TyKandi

Original Post

Squad Battles is so rigged!

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Every game vs any team with low chemistry is always the hardest game!

Considering FUT is supposed to be built on chemistry, but in these games the AI are clearly boosted.

These low chem teams should be error prone vs any team with better chemistry but it is clearly not the case  - and shows that handicapping does it exist in this mode irrespective of the level.

The sliders need to stop being adjusted on theses games to compensate the team with no chemistry.

The game itself creates the drama - no more is needed to be added into the fold.

Fix it ffs


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Re: Squad Battles is so rigged!

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Keep practicing dude Wink

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Re: Squad Battles is so rigged!

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It's not about practicing I hit elite 1every week the problem is everyone having loan Ronaldo or me having to play teams 87,86,83,82 when other players get 82,81,79,77 it's too unbalanced. Then there's the bs of one game your players move the next they don't it's stupid then all attacking players are the best defenders in the game. It needs to be balanced with no loan players will ea listen never unless it's nfl or nhl then they jump on it like a fat kid on cake.
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Re: Squad Battles is so rigged!

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Don't need to practice as undefeated offline!


The low chem teams are super boosted through sliders - it needs to be fixed along with the 60 minute mark where the AI are all 99 stats and mine can't pass wind!

Great mode but fixed as with all offline modes!

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Re: Squad Battles is so rigged!

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stop being cocky if you don't show * about things. and if you do, then answer proper. I destroy on professional 56 chem 82 rated team, like pummel them into the ground, with them having 1/1 shots whole game, while also scoring from that one shot. But, their goalie is a god and I only score one goal. And ofc, in 80-90th min, they score a fabulous,undefendable goal from far, and it happens every game now, or every other! Cant win a game now, while before I used to win all 4 of my games, or lose one max.. Its seriously frustrating, I got no idea what to do anymore

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Re: Squad Battles is so rigged!

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stop being cocky if you don't show * about things. and if you do, then answer proper ???  Have no idea what this means.



No cockiness  - i started the thread stating that Squad battles is rigged, because it is.

Whether i am undefeated or not on offline, this mode highlights, the scripting, handicapping slider manipulation that has been rife throughout offline for years.

I just want it fixed and to represent fairness - i only play on Professional which is my level, but there are so many games that are definitely not this level, and are comparable to legendary (which i have played in offline seasons). I was also playing the low chem games on Legendary before the patch, but won't attempt post, after the way they destroyed the game.

Low chem teams are stupidly over-powered.

Bronze players play well above their stats regardless of chemistry.

AI substitutions still highlight how scripted the game is - if they don not make all 3, you know the game is going to extra time (this has been going on for years).

The game intensifies when the AI needs to make a sub, with the ball needing to go out of play.

You can tell when the AI is going to score, as it is forced. This has to happen most games, as the game does not like clean sheets.


The only way i have found to play is to score first and then counter attack, when the AI goes into god mode in the second half. Pure slider manipulation at this point, as my team can't pass 5 yards - but riding out the storm leads to gaps at the back, which can be exploited.

They still make unbelievable tackles and saves, and score unnatural goals though.


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Re: Squad Battles is so rigged!

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Defo I am not the best at the game but played the low chem teams on world class an managed to sneak 1 goal wins 4 times, also been leading a few games an the network has conveniently went down resulting in 3-0 defeats , but my WiFi has been fine
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Re: Squad Battles is so rigged!

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it is rigged example how many points getting when you play in proffesional i win after penalty shotout 2-2 840 .  i win 2-1 against semi pro 650 points , i beat amateur 5-0 820 points but point is that semi pro is hard to play proffesional hard to play .

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Re: Squad Battles is so rigged!

[ Edited ]
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You get max goal bonus when you score 5 goals and get a 75 point clean sheet bonus that explains those point difference.

This game mode is rigged so bad.. EA needs to fix this *, a bad chemistry team should play bad and not like gods against my 84 overall 100 chem that I’ve fought to build without spending 1000s of dollars on packs like a ton of these teams clearly show.
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Re: Squad Battles is so rigged!

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I agree it's definitely unfair how well the low chem teams play. 

I play on legendary, (Ultimate is insane, can't beat them), and the teams with 100 chemistry are almost always easier than the low chem teams. A team with a 77 rating and chem of just 47 play like champs, then a team with an 82 rating and 100 chem are easy. Makes no sense why they would have the gameplay like this. 

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