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Spoilers - Keep it secret, keep it safe!

by EA_Lanna

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Spoilers - Keep it secret, keep it safe!

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Sul Sul High five

We know Gandalf wasn't referring to spoilers when he said the line in the thread title but the sentiment applies. Spoilers can ruin the fun for players who want to experience the excitement of discovering new things in-game for themselves. With new content and updates coming through, we'd ask Simmers to gate potential spoilers behind the Spoiler Tag. 

Why add spoiler tags? 
Spoiler tags hide the content you place inside, giving other Simmers the option to click to reveal the content and you the freedom to share spoilers. It's win/win for everybody.

When should I add Spoiler tags?
When you are about to post information on new content or features not yet well known. This extends to Bug Reports too. 

But spoiler tags aren't just for hiding spoilers. For example, if you want to post a lot of pictures in a single post, it'd better if you post 2-3, and then hide the others inside a spoiler tag - that way readers that want to check those pictures will be able to do so, but the topic won't be soooo long.


Not sure how to add a spoiler tag?

No problem. Just follow these steps and you'll be a spoiler tag pro in no time. High five

  • When you are composing a post or thread you'll see a textbox/window with a toolbar. It should look like this: 
  • The button for the spoiler tag should stand out as the only Yellow/Gold button on the toolbar. Press it to insert the spoiler tag window.
  • Next, place your cursor inside the spoiler tag window and start typing/inserting images in there.

What do spoiler tags look like?
Well they appear like this in your post. Go ahead and click on this spoiler tag below to get an idea as to how they expand. Be warned though, it's contains adorableness!!!



Micro Teacup Pig on top of a strawberry for scale Heart



Now it's your turn

I'll leave this thread open for those who'd like to test out the spoiler tag function. A friendly reminder to make sure the content placed under spoiler tags are forum appropriate Standard smile If you are unsure, read the EA Forum Rules & Guidelines



Any questions, let me know.


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Re: Spoilers - Keep it secret, keep it safe!

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@EA_Lanna, love the LOTR reference! 

The quest stands on the edge of a knife; stray but a little and it will fail to the ruin of all!!! Wizard

Thanks for the spoiler reminder! SecretAngel

love the piggy picture too! Heart


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