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Re: Speed Up the Aging Process!

by KatlaStorm

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Speed Up the Aging Process!

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I'm probably super late on this but I found a way to speed up a Sim's age. Once the first generation parents moved out of the house, I had to vacant spots. I had 2 daughters that were already in the child stage. When I clicked on the portrait, the gave me the option to create or promote and I chose promote. I don't know what possess me to do that. But when I did my daughters started jumping up and down all eager. I chose one and she turned into an adult instantly.

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Re: Speed Up the Aging Process!

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That’s a great tip, @o_heartofstone_o 

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Re: Speed Up the Aging Process!

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@o_heartofstone_o would this work if your daughter was a toddler?

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Re: Speed Up the Aging Process!

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@givememore86 I'm not exactly sure, I would wait until the child has all three stars in their Good Upbringing trait then experiment with that hack.
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