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Re: Soundtrack Wishlist NFS Payback

by Unicomessina

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Soundtrack Wishlist NFS Payback

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this is the soundtracks i composed into a wishlist since last year. 

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Re: Soundtrack Wishlist NFS Payback

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I tried making it as varied as possible including old school sounding songs, rock, electronic rock, electronic metal, bass house, G House, trap, rap, DNB, electro house, and experimental tracks. 

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Re: Soundtrack Wishlist NFS Payback

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I just hope there's a huge soundtrack this time with various different types of music like you stated...cause NFS 15 (and even horizon 3) had really small, dry soundtracks (IMO)
The soundtrack is extremely important to games and movies and adds to the liveliness and theme to them (obv), so I hope this one is full of amazing songs with various genre's (fitting the game course)
Plus, I think NFS Payback needs its own theme song like The Run had.

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Re: Soundtrack Wishlist NFS Payback

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After so many years, I still remember this song that accompanied us in our garage in search of true tuning.

Snoop Dogg & The Doors - Riders On The Storm (Fredwreck Remix)

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Re: Soundtrack Wishlist NFS Payback

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Songs I want to see in NFS Payback
1. Yuna Perfect
2. Flo Rida and 99 Precent Cake
3. Hi-Rez Smiling
4. Venus by Jahzzar
5. Foster the People Pumped up Kicks
6. Harry Styles Sign of the Times
7. 5 Seconds of Summer Jet Black Heart
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Re: Soundtrack Wishlist NFS Payback

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@thunderlight10 if i had to chose 7 on my list these are the ones I would pick. 


1. Juicy J - Payback (would be great for the opening of the game) 

2. Jacob Banks - Monster (in my opinion i think this song would be great for credits of the game)

3. Pendulum - Self Vs Self

4. Rezz - Plague 

5. Feed Me - Shell Pet 

6. Seamless R - Deathblow 

7. Dirtyphonics - Power Now (Funtcase Remix)

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Re: Soundtrack Wishlist NFS Payback

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@SynysterJak honestly, i think if all the songs from my list were to be in the game not many people would complain because again this list has been getting refined over the past year and I went back and made sure that the songs that were there fit the feeling of the city or the story of the game. I also picked some that are really good for racing. which is what the old games did so well in my opinion. the music in older NFS used to be so refined and diverse, which is what i tried to replicate here. so i hope you enjoy my soundtrack wishlist. 


for me, the soundtrack makes or breaks the game. if the soundtrack feels like it was thrown together in a week like in 2015 then ill be disappointed. i almost want to find a way to get a job at ghost games doing something in the music department of the games. being a music producer it's quite easy for me to find very talented underground acts and with rivals and 2015 they have proven they aren't so good at finding these talented underground acts like black box was back in the days of most wanted and underground. 


and yes I do think the game should have custom soundtracks. id kill to make tracks specifically for the game, however, i don't work at EA or ghost so, I only find out the theme of the game like 4 months before its release which isn't really that much time to throw together an album. like yeah, i could throw together a mediocre album in 4 months or a good album in like 2 years ya know? 


and similar to what blackbox did back in the day all the songs in the game are never over 10 years old. because i want the soundtrack to be about the modern talent that no one knows about, like we already know the talent from the 60s. we dont need to re-expose talent that we already know existed. 

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Re: Soundtrack Wishlist NFS Payback

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oh and i want to direct this all at EA and Ghost Games. do not settle for the censored tracks (unless they sound better than the original). NFS games have been rated T for a while which allows for use of bad language and there is dialog in Payback that we have heard with cuss words in it, so dont censor the sound track. 

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