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Re: Some ideas for fifa 20

by owl87

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Some ideas for fifa 20

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- have sliders to determine the amount of fans at a game for both teams. for instance, full stadiums are quite rare in lower divisions and games like the checkatrade (EFL trophy) final never sell out wembley. also not forgetting city in the champions league.. (sorry, had to lol).


- FIX GOAL CELEBRATIONS, players don't run where you tell them to, often run into the corner, press the celebration buttons and then they run off in a different direction, doesn't look natural.

also, away team players do not celebrate with away fans and vice versa quite often, with away players jumping into home fans, doesn't look right.


- BETTER TROPHY CEREMONIES (i.e. walking up the wembley steps, or even an interactive way of lifting trophies, just something new really).
- tunnel cutscenes before a game or big games.




-freshen up the look of the menus.


-managers need looking at, too few avatars with not a lot of customisation, have the ability to take over a real manager would be great, (klopp's in the game but i can never be him :'( )

teams stock pile players they don't need, don't know whether its a bug, but liverpool and united on one of my careers had 5 world class LBs each..


no loan to buy option


fix the last year of contract bug, if a player has a year left, they sign a year contract but it will only last to the end of the season, they can't negotiate a new one either once agreed, therefore your player can just be taken away on a free.. contract negotiations should be for ADDITIONAL years.


loaning players is unrealistic, too many teams loan out their good players, too many players reject smaller clubs and it is impossible to loan a player in the final year of their contract.


free transfers are overpowered, its quite easy to get a team of superstars for free. new contracts should be signed earlier, free transfers should only be available if the player are unhappy trying to force a move, an older player as it is more common with shorter contracts or if the player is surplus to requirements at their team . at the moment you can pretty much sign anyone you want for free.


- PRESS CONFERENCES. have them like the transfer cutscenes, your answers should affect your players/board/fans morale, this can be implemented on your club objectives. if confidence is lost in you, you get the sack.


- more depth to player editing like madden franchise mode (ability to change player positions included)


- stadium upgrades (even if its moving to another generic stadium)


-have stats from previous seasons/career totals (AND PLEASE TAKE PRE SEASON TOURNAMENT STATS OFF SEASON TOTALS, no one cares how anyone played pre season..)




-THE CALENDAR IS TOO CROWDED, either fix the issue causing it, or allow the player to request a league game be played at a later date around cup matches.


- fix unrealistic youth players with wrong names and ethnicities..


-have a youth squad league game played each week to help develop players (can just be notified in your emails, do not have to play it).




-more stadiums (loved the la liga update) do the same for the bundesliga, serie a or even championship.


-better national teams, for instance south korea deserve to be on there, licensing missing for some big nations too.


- 5 and 7 a side modes (futsal or indoor like the old legends football)


-classic teams like past league winners, CL winners and great teams of the past.


-maybe some classic stadiums like highbury, the old wembley or the calderon.


-stadium editor/creator


-have a community upload system, so created teams, players and leagues can be imported, this could also be imported to career mode so you can play in even more leagues, or have say non-league teams playing in the FA cup. games like madden have the custom draft classes now, fight night champion has the option to download fighters this would be really great in FIFA.


-custom music like having spotify or your apple music playlists in game would be amazing, get pretty brainwashed listening to the same old tunes.. this is a big stab in the dark though! :D



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Re: Some ideas for fifa 20

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this is lots of useful hints, I will tell one more thing: use again ignite engine.


but before say anything, don’t forget ea start copy paste the program code.

please don’t have offensive dear ea workers, but last 3 years missing the massive innovations. 

Hope so somewhere, sometime, one director read this post.


all the best Mate!

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