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Re: EA Origin FORCED restart ruined my weekly Solos / 0 DNF score

by EA_Blueberry

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Solo battles Madden 19

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Has anyone experience solo battles resetting itself? I played my first two games Monday morning and after the second game I was no longer able to see the games or my points. So I leave for work and come back the game has reset itself. So basically I have to play the games I’ve already played all over again. I contacted EA and they said it reset for everyone and they were give 2 ultimate legend packs (fine) Now that I’ve played al 5 games. I wake up this morning and the game has reset itself again. What is going on? It is very time consuming to play solo battles. If I have to replay these games again that will be a total of 12 games. When there is only 13 games in an entire week. Does anyone know what’s going on?

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EA Origin FORCED restart ruined my weekly Solos / 0 DNF score

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I am a DEDICATED Madden player (dev team can check my hours played) and just today I was playing when I got an alert notice that EA Origin had some problem and would be taking an emergency patch in 1 minute.  I was in the first quarter of one of my weekly Solo Battles so I could not complete the game by the time EA Origin disconnected and forced a patch and restart.  I was automatically booted from the game and when I restarted Origin and logged back in I saw that I was giving a "+0 DNF" on that game's battle score.  I was livid... but I figured EA customer service could fix the problem since I was not the one who quit the game, rather it was EA Origin that FORCED the disconnection / restart. 


I found the Contact Us section and proceeded to IM with a customer service rep who told me that they could not do ANYTHING at all to help.  They could not fix my score back to "blank" for that game so I could reattempt it.  They could not send me an in game card or currency to make up for it - after all, I have been finishing in the PC Top 100 for the last few weeks, but now that this game is showing up as +0 DNF I will certainly not finish in the Top 100 now.  This problem, created by EA, will likely cost me over 100,000 coins and lots of cards.   


I was thunderstruck that customer service could not do anything at all to help.  His only suggestion was to post here in the vain hope that someone from the Dev Team would see this and try to make it better.  I can't believe that in this day and age, when Madden runs as a Game-as-a-Service model that there is no way for customer service to reset my score, or at the very least send me something in game to compensate.  

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Re: EA Origin FORCED restart ruined my weekly Solos / 0 DNF score

Community Manager

Hi, @whitehotghost  @Donmegastl18 


The Madden Community Manager provided details on this below from a discussion HERE.



Hey Madden Ultimate Team Community,

Our teams wanted to give you a quick update on why Solo Battles was taken down earlier today. This morning, we had an issue where the Solo Battles event did not expire correctly and left some of our players in a state where their wins and losses were combining with wins and losses from the previous week. After investigating this issue further, our teams put together an action plan to address this issue in stages.

Our teams did the following to address the issue.

  • Solo Battles were taken down for a period of time (12:00PM-4:45PM ET) so that our development team could manually end Solo Battle events that were stuck in a win/loss state from the previous week. By ending the previous week event, we were able to trigger Solo Battles rewards for people that did not complete all 13 games from the previous week.
  • The Solo Battles mode was brought back online around 4:45PM ET today, April 15th.
  • Leaderboards and games were reset after the Solo Battle modes was brought back online.
  • Players that played the Solo Battles mode and completed a game prior to the mode going offline received a make-right of a 87+ OVR Ultimate Legend Fantasy Pack.

We appreciate our players engaging with the Solo Battles mode, and we value the time you invest in our game. Thank you for your patience while our teams worked to address the issue. For any account related issues, please contact for further assistance.

The Madden Team

UPDATE: 4/15/2019 - 5:03PM ET: Post has been updated to reflect that Solo Battle rewards have gone out, Solo Battles mode is back online, and a make-right (87+ OVR Ultimate Legend Fantasy Pack) was issued to players that completed a game in Solo Battles prior to the mode going offline.


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