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Re: Sims eating and drinking quite slowly......

by troshalom

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Sims eating and drinking quite slowly......

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Each time when i requesting sim to eat food and drink beverage, they always eat and drink over 1 hrs. That make my sims less time to perform any activities.

Did development team can release a update patch to decrease their eating drinking time soon?


Thx  Standard smile

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Re: Sims eating and drinking quite slowly......

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Yeah my sim just sits there and stares off into space with a stupid grin on it's face while she's late for work. it was slow before now it's a gigantic time vampire as it takes an hour to an hour and a half to eat a meal. 

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Re: Sims eating and drinking quite slowly......

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It's March 2019 and this is still my biggest issue with this game. It's really off putting when your sim gets home from work and you want them to do stuff but they need to eat and bathe and by the time they've done all that it's too late to do anything else because it's bedtime. The amount of time they take to do anything is one of the reasons why my main sim never has a job, I just can't be bothered sitting there watching them take over an hour to eat their food.

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Re: Sims eating and drinking quite slowly......

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Unfortunately, the game works in this way thanks to EA design. The time devoted to eating is similar to real time in real life. It was probably supposed to be time spent socializing with other sims. Common conversations and so on...
Unfortunately, this is annoying, because the sim to get breakfast before work or school must get up an hour earlier .100 percent of players have the same problem with me including. Well, we have to adapt to it somehow, because probably there is no chance that it would be corrected.

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Re: Sims eating and drinking quite slowly......


@rusaIochka, while this won't speed up the time spent eating, I have a suggestion: have a Sim eat while watching TV so they get their fun up as well as their hunger! Party hat And if there is more than one person in the house, have them to the same and make sure they talk while eating and watching TV, so their social goes up as well. And if they watch the Cooking Channel (teen and older) will also learn cooking at the same time! (Not to mention the better relationships they should gain by talking to others!) Heart That is 5 areas that can be improved all at the same time! High five  In many of my houses I put a TV in the dining room! Large smile


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Re: Sims eating and drinking quite slowly......

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The only solution, for now, is to have "Seasons" and in the game to have bees.
The honey jar sim will eat in 1 minute and the effect will be the same as after lunch or breakfast. But this is a poor imitation of the real life what that The Sims was supposed to be.
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Re: Sims eating and drinking quite slowly......


@kreatora, great tip! Angel

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Re: Sims eating and drinking quite slowly......

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My one sim took over three hours to eat while talking to her sister while watching TV. Food is pretty much cold by then.


Also food goes bad too quickly. And why does water go bad?


Also, can they fix hungry sims who grill but don't eat what they grilled, they will then go and cook or get food from the fridge.


Lastly, the computer, chess board and grill loop when you return to your inactive sims needs to stop. If they are asleep and you leave the house you will return to sims energy in the red and they are on the computer. Who wakes up from dead of sleep to use the computer?


Just some tweaking to behaviors and time to do things. 


Either speed up eating or slow down the clock.

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Re: Sims eating and drinking quite slowly......


@troshalom, in real life water left out will get dust in it Sick and eventually will loose some of its oxygen content.  Not to mention water from the tap needs to have a chlorine residual to ensure that no microbes will live if the water lines that bring you your water have a tiny cracks in it.  Eventually that chlorine residual will drop if the water is left out exposed for too long! Raised eyebrow  That little bit of chlorine keeps you from getting infected by giardia or cryptosporidia! Trust me, you do not want those infections!!! ShockedDevil  But, pretty much everything will fall, decay, or spoil Frown -- its all part of entropy! Nerd  But even without the technical info, the dust alone will cause water in real life to not be fresh! Wink


But I agree that eating in the Sims can take way too long. Confused   Its one thing for formal meal to be long, but no one in the real world eats a bowl of mac n' cheese over 3 hours! Raised eyebrowLarge smile

And one of my pet peeves is also having one Sim leave the house while other Sims are at home... even if you put them on the "take care of needs" option, they rarely actually take care of their needs!  I wish we could queue up all the activities they need to do and while the one Sim is gone they would do those activities and then stay in bed!  Disappointed  I agree with you especially with kids in school on a school night.  Using the computer at 3:00 am when they still need to sleep, eat, and do their homework!?! Disappointed It's crazy! 



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Re: Sims eating and drinking quite slowly......

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I noticed that too. It takes them longer to eat in the game. This has been going on for about two weeks or so. Especially for foodies. I have played foodies before and this has not been a problem. The animation looks like they are moving in slow motion. Really annoying. I don't know if there was a new patch update or not. I do not use mods
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