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Sims Mobile: Deleting Sims

by teddybeddy10

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Re: Sims Mobile: Deleting Sims

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I also did out of curiosity and am stuck with a stupid sim I don’t want about to delete game 

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Re: Sims Mobile: Deleting Sims

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It happened to me too. Not because of curiosity, but when I promote one of my child, I accidentally hit "Create" button instead. I know it's me and my big thumb's fault, but no option to cancel? Aaaargh.... 😱

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Re: Sims Mobile: Deleting Sims

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I did exactly the same thing yesterday on my level 21 account. I wanted to check out the cost  of creating a new Sim and guess what... it was free! So the game took me directly to CAS where I could customize my newly created Sim. I have an adult Sim with good upbringing who is ready to promote but he will have to wait until this new one retires Disappointed


Could we please get a confirmation button before we create a new Sim? 

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Re: Sims Mobile: Deleting Sims

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@SalixCat Yikes! The feeling when it happened... And we have to hang on with that unwanted sim for a couple weeks. 😓 After the misclick incident, trying to promote my sims into household feels like diffusing a bomb. Fail to cut the right cable and boom! Regret. Well, I'm exaggerating, I know. 😂


I agree. If we cannot cancel the new sim, a confirmation button before creating will be very helpful. 

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Re: Sims Mobile: Deleting Sims

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It's just happened to me. I'd just finished the roommate race and thought I was only buying the slot. Then, straight into Create a Sim. No go back.


It really needs an exit button. I wanted to play with my Sims couple a bit longer before they got a roommate

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Re: Sims Mobile: Deleting Sims

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I just noticed that the devs enlarge the create/promote button size when you click the empty sim slot, but then it transfered to family portrait which still had small size create/promote button. So, back to diffusing bombs again 😅⏳

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