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Re: Sims Families -general discussion

by VintageStarlette

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Re: Sims Families -general discussion

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@VintageStarlette wrote:

🖤 With special thanks and love to @JulesDarling —


—The House of Stars is absolutely starstruck and thrilled to announce the newest addition to the Starlettes family...


Marilyn Monroe!!! 🖤💋🎥⭐




You finally did it!!!  OMG its been soooo long for you wishing and hoping to get her hair etc so you could create her!  I wish i had her and the rest of your Starlettes in game.  Alas... I’ll get time zones sorted to have a party with everyone soon i hope.


@BlueWizardRob they finally have your much wanted clean cut hair too!  You two were my first thoughts when i saw each style 💟

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Re: Sims Families -general discussion

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I’m quite happy about the clean cut hair, including some more historical, traditional styles. 

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Re: Sims Families -general discussion

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@JulesDarling 😄 If we had unlimited Sims slots, I could make JFK and throw a birthday party just to make the performance official!


@katclawsx3 Thank you, kat! I think I was born in the wrong era. Lol! If I didn't get so attached to each star I make, I'd have an enormous collection. I think I've only got 2 fluid Sims slots now. Greta's not going anywhere, and Marilyn is going to stay for quite a while. 


@Finealta 🖤🖤🖤 Right?!? Omg, I couldn't believe it. The vintage bob with the barrette was close enough to work with, but when I saw the curls, I jumped out of my skin. It's like they developed it specifically for Marilyn!


And I had the very same thought about @BlueWizardRob  when the clean-cuts came out. Now, they need to put some capes in the CAS!!!

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Re: Sims Families -general discussion

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@VintageStarlette I have a big smile on my face! Ohh the scrumptious amount of Sims that we could make with endless Sim slots! I could have an entire Barbie Dream house, Ken, Midge, Skipper, Teresa and Francie just to name a few! I would need a retro hairstyle that flips up with a headband and go-go boots for starters. I could paint Sim-town PINK and when I visit your Sims we could gather around and listen to Miss Monroe as she sings ''Happy Birthday ''... ahh what a wonderful day that would be 💋 I will be there soon, maybe not all dressed in Pink but hold that tune I am getting better each day. Hi @BlueWizardRob and Hello
@katclawsx3 And @Finealta
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Re: Sims Families -general discussion

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@JulesDarling I would totally campaign for an option to turn your house PINK!!! As a matter of fact, I think there should be an entire Barbie fashion collection—black and white striped bathing suit, to start!

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