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Should our cars be able to break ???

by Luka0101998

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Should our cars be able to break ???

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I made a post on the NFS Forums regrading what affordable cars should be in NFS 2019 and one of our community members @BLVD69 said that most of the suggested cars break pretty fast so thought....

Why not make our cars break at some point ???

While playing Car Mechanic Simulator, as an example, your car can break from driving too hard or you smash it against a wall but at the end, you repair it.

Need for Speed is all about making cars our own and in real life that also comes with a ton of problems...

What do you think about this ???

But would remove that feature for cop chases

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Re: Should our cars be able to break ???

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First thank you for the shout out.

I like the idea of having cars break down like real life.

Oh and yes I remember that mechanic simulator game too. 

That was a fun game. 

I just don't know if EA could add that feature to the NFS game.

Contracts and copyright laws along patent. 

However I would definitely be interested in purchasing a game like that if EA could do it. 

Thanks for building a great post from my mind. 

Have a great day and take care. 


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Re: Should our cars be able to break ???

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That could make some cars look bad, but imagine manufacturers paying EA not to make certain cars break often, that would be pretty funny Standard smile

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Re: Should our cars be able to break ???

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Yeah LOL 😁

Manufactures some of them might have a melt down emotionally if there cars break down in the game. 

I wonder if many car companies would end contracts with EA over such a game being created if EA ever had the gusto to build it? 

I also don't think it would be car manufactures paying EA, but the other way around.

EA would have to cough up more cash to keep the contracts with car manufactures who would like to keep a clean image of their cars. 

I think it would just be cool to have a car game that actually works like real life breakdowns with recalls of parts for that year and make of car. 

Now that would surely never happen in a game, but I would enjoy seeing it happen. ☑️💯

Have a great day

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