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Re: Should There Be A Repair Pad?

by abydos

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Should There Be A Repair Pad?

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Maybe reward players for retreating before the unit dies with a ability to repair it? since this game plays out where you throw units at each other after watching a few matches it bugged me seeing almost dead units being thrown into battle knowing they were gonna be 1 shotted cause of low health. since i havent even played beta yet cause im not in it the slowing down of unit production the more units you have on the field is also kinda lame dont you think? i know you want to give the opponent a chance to recover but why not give them a chance to recover by playing good? maybe give them a reward for killing enemy units make them turn into veterans or something since the other player is doing so good and reward the dying player for killing veteran units.

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Re: Should There Be A Repair Pad?

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No, the game is actually really well paced right now and GDI has a general who is completely themed around the idea of healing units and this would severely undercut him. As to veterancy, in a game at this small of a scale you're just removing the ability of the other player to stage a comeback, it works in the larger cnc games because one unit in the grand scheme of things isn't a lot and you aren't soft capped on units after awhile.
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Re: Should There Be A Repair Pad?

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I agree wit he first post maker. If we play good, sometimes our units reach the lowst healt as possible.
What can we do now?
We can't summon new units instead the low health unit because the cd is too high. But if the enemy is killing our tier 3 unit with one rifleman squad, we lose the the platform.
The best option now is, we need kill our units and then we can switch them to a full health unit. This is not good. So if you play well you punished, but not rewarded because you need buy new unit if you want to fight the enemy again, but with this you will lose your control power in the map while the new unit is repositioning from the MCV.
We need veterncy level and some of heal/repair without the gdi commander, like every cnc games in the past..

One of the funny thing is if you have lot of money, you need kill your harvester(s) to got new fighting units. This is frustrating too
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