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Several questions & feedback

by yasfinite

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Several questions & feedback

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Hi Mai, thanks for the swift response!

When I'm in build mode and I try to select the grass, nothing happens. When I try to expand an existing room while in build mode it throws an error saying an object that can't be placed in the inventory is in the way (see screenshot). Any ideas?

Also is it possible to reset game profile, since I accidentally created new Sims and there doesn't seem to be any way of getting rid some of them.

There was this one instance where I accidentally sent my main Sim off to another household by accident (there was no confirmation button and my curiosity basically killed the cat) and there was no way to revert this- so possibility to include a confirmation button whenever moving out a sim is involved?

Finally, I came back to this game after a while and it seems that hunger, hygiene etc have all been removed, may I ask why? I can see that now by taking a shower etc; this restores energy which cupcakes and sleep does anyways. Will we see the return of hunger, hygiene etc into the game as it added this extra layer of immersion in previous versions.

Kind regards.

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Re: The Sims Mobile Update - December 12th

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1-Can we see the return of Sims needs?

2-Removal of indoor item limit/expansion to multiple floors (and expansion of house beyond the cliff edge by making the cliff edge further away?)

3-Ability to manage household (delete sims)? As well as managing different generations?

4-Possibility of resetting game to first generation?

5-Can we see the return of aging (young adult for new Sims) and potions?
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Re: The Sims Mobile Update - December 12th

Community Manager

Hi @yasfinite!


Let me try to answer! Standard smile


It is not possible to remove active Sims, but you can  play with them until they are ready to retire, and then retire them Standard smile You can also reset the game - but it will be as if it was the first time you installed it so you will go back to the creation of your first Sim, and level 1. Also, the items you unlocked in-game, your house and purchases would be lost.


If you started to play the game long ago, you might want to start over to read the tutorials again. As you have noticed, we have made some changes to the game as direct result of feedback and suggestions we have been getting from players during the last few months of soft launch.


So if you want to restart your game progress - reinstall the app. If you have your progress saved in Facebook, Google Play or Game Center, at some point you will get asked if you want to keep playing the new game or restore your progress. Make sure to choose well because your progress will be deleted otherwise.


I will be forwarding your feedback, but please, could you share your player ID with us? You can learn how to get it here:




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Re: The Sims Mobile Update - December 12th

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Hi Mai, thanks for the response,

I have made quite a few purchases, if I were to reset would my SimCash and Simoleons be restored or will they all disappear? Could the Devs implement a household/generation management feature pretty pleeeeeease? 😊

Is there any direct place I could contact Devs and provide feedback?

Kind regards.
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Re: The Sims Mobile Update - December 12th

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1-Expansion of current world to include more careers and things to do as well as new places to visit

2-Extra worlds (such as in the Sims 4)

3-Increase number of objects that can be interacted with outside of own home within the world

4-Ability to visit homes of friends and invite friends over

5-Chat feature for friends (not just limited to party mode)
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Re: The Sims Mobile Update - December 12th

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Is there any way to remove some favourited sims? I have too many in my list. 🙃
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Re: The Sims Mobile Update - December 12th

Community Manager

Hi @yasfinite,


Sorry for the wait!


Resetting your game would reset your Simoleons and SimCash as well. It would mean starting over all progress from level 1 as if it was the first time you installed the game.


You are providing your feedback to them already, this is the most direct way. You can also send your feedback through EA Help if you prefer, and our support team would get it and send it to the team instead of me.


It is not possible to remove Sims you have marked as favorite. However, remember this is different for each Sim so when your current Sims retire the new active Sims will have a clean relationships panel.


Have you updated your game already with yesterday's new update? If so, you can now go see your friends' homes! Great to get some inspiration or show off! Wink


Have fun!


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