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Re: Sad about degraded player-to-player access

by VintageStarlette

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Sad about degraded player-to-player access

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Just wanted to lament....


I'm playing TSM again after a long hiatus, and I'm so grieved at how player-to-player/community in-game access has so severely degraded!


There are problems with friends' activity not updating in the friends list, parties not appearing, friends' outfits not updating.... All the little things add up, and it's terribly isolating! I miss my game family! 🖤


I know for me, community is such a big part of game play. And granted, TSM isn't designed to be an MMO, per say. We just really made the best of what access we did have, and now it all seems to have evaporated in a swarm of bugs and/or technical complications. 😔


Not griping here. Just sad. *sniff*

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Re: Sad about degraded player-to-player access

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Maybe this little baby girl will cheer you up. 😍

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Re: Sad about degraded player-to-player access

@VintageStarlette it might be good to contact EA about this if you haven't yet. Some issues you're mentioning were bugs but should be solved by contacting EA.


do not work for EA




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Re: Sad about degraded player-to-player access

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@givememore86  Lol!!! Precious! Pepsi did make me smile. Cool name, my friend!
Thank you for popping in on this, @Phantomlover1717 . I didn't contact EA about those issues. The collection of problems is so pervasive and has affected so many players. The majority of my game buddies gave up trying to chase down solutions—it just got to be too much, and the risk of losing progress or losing their game entirely was just too high.
Yeah, I agree I'd kind of forfeit the right to whine if I'm not going to try to solve the problem. However! I think I'm way beyond the point of filing a bug report. Better to write an op-ed piece to corporate! ✊ (only half-joking)
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Re: Sad about degraded player-to-player access

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I miss you too.  I wish all of my friend's parties would show up for me.

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