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by CorkyBebe

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I’ve just started playing Sims Mobile. Since I’ve played Sims FreePlay for years it’s hard to get use to this new game. I have many questions.


Right now I have a “Llama Task” to read a book from a bookcase.  I’ve purchased the only bookcase available in the home section (its the one that leans against wall), but when I try to get my Sim to read a book from it nothing happens. 


Can you help by telling me how to complete the task of reading a book. TIA

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You have to click on a book case.  Once you do there will be a trivial action (zero cost and 5second duration) that will have a llama symbol on it.  just click that action.


Do you have any book shelves that were unlocked via careers or hobbies?  


I've also noticed that when it tells me to make a drink or juice or beverage, the drink wall from the last event doesn't count.  I have to click on the drink shelf that unlocked as a career reward.

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