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Re: Road to BFV Skins from BF1

by csnider7

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Road to BFV Skins from BF1

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I bought BFV a couple days ago while it was on sale and just realized that I did not get the items that I had unlocked during BF1's "Road to Battlefield V" event.  I haven't been able to find an answer on how to get my rewards and was wondering if this was a time sensitive unlock and if so why..?  Any answers help!

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Re: Road to BFV Skins from BF1

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The Road to Battlefield 1 event made a return late into the game's cycle so I can only assume the same will happen with V, so don't worry too much if things don't work out right away. ( *fingers crossed * )


There have been a ton of issues with extra content in BFV so i urge you to contact an EA Advisor - they should be able to look at your account and see whether or not you earned some stuff; half the time they are able to outright give you the stuff within minutes, other times you might need to wait a little longer.

You won't be able to claim the pre-order outfits at all (I think) but there should be around 5 other R2BFV outfits to collect - Click the following link to get started: and good luck

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Re: Road to BFV Skins from BF1

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Thanks a lot! I'll give that a try!

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