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Retroactive EXP increase when Level cap increases

by ethanw1999586

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Retroactive EXP increase when Level cap increases

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I have heard that the update around August which will increase the max rank level cap to 500 will not reward people with retroactive exp, being the exp that they’ve earned after reaching lvl 50 that has gone towards nothing.


I don’t care about levels anymore if they don’t auto level me for exp I’ve earned after lvl 50. I’ve got almost 400 hours and I reached lvl 50 just after 50 hours played or maybe even less. So I’m losing 350 hours of exp to start all again and at the rate the games going with bugs I can’t see myself putting another 350hours in. Furthermore, I feel like there’s no point in playing now until the Level cap increase as the 200 or however many hours I put in will be useless come the level cap update also. RETROACTIVE EXP has to be rewarded as incentive to continue playing now and reward dedicated players once the level cap is increased as it’s a way to show other players your true dedication and love for the game.


They rewarded all earned and missing company coin when it was not working so they should also do the same with the experience earned after the player has reached level 50. Finally, the alleged amount of exp to get to lvl 500 is 75million. Rewarding players with retroactive exp will still get them far from max level and they will still have something to work towards. Please don’t get this wrong! 



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Re: Retroactive EXP increase when Level cap increases

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Hello @ethanw1999586

No retroactive level increase.. You will need to grind your rank from rank 50 to rank 500 Standard smile

I know how you feel but better something than nothing...

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Re: Retroactive EXP increase when Level cap increases

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BF1 didn't have retroactive XP so it stands to reason V won't either. I'm sure there would be a ton of people complaining they missed out on earning levels if the levels were retroactive

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Re: Retroactive EXP increase when Level cap increases

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I didn’t play bf1 long enough to know about the level increase but just because it wasn’t retroactive doesn’t mean this one should be also. I’d rather stay lvl 50 if there’s no retroactive exp. It’s a major incentive to play now and it puts me off playing knowing it’s not going to be happening. I’d say how hard can it be to add as it’s quite simple math for starters. Of course I’m no games developer so I know there may be tricker elements. But I know a lot of people are alread6 giving up on that announcement. It’s quite infuriating because I absolutely love the game but decisions almost never please the majority which they always should. And also saying that people will be annoyed if they don’t get their retroactive increase, it should work anyways with no problems but it’s clear to see it’s a decision made because they don’t know if they can do it right in the first place. I’m sorry for sounding aggressive just want the best for the game which I’ve put so much time into and want to play even more but really struggling to.

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Re: Retroactive EXP increase when Level cap increases

Community Manager
We won't do a retroactive level increase Once the new level system is live, you will start from the level you are at and this case, I'm assuming you are level 50. Standard smile  @ethanw1999586 


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Re: Retroactive EXP increase when Level cap increases

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I totally agree. Nobody would be even close to 500. But ranked same as lvl50 noobs is not fair.

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