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Resource Totals in Replays

by JadeXyan

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Resource Totals in Replays

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It would be really great if we could see the total number of resources each player has over the duration of a replay to sort out how effective a rush is or how much getting that early second harvester out and protected increases income or how much losing a harvester has set someone back.

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Re: Resource Totals in Replays

EA C&C Team

Absolutely. There's a ton of improvements we want to make to the replay system.


Please keep posting ideas on how we can improve it as you think of them. 



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Re: Resource Totals in Replays

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If i'm not mistaken, didn't C&C3/RA3 have a website to go to to watch game replays? would it be possible to set up a system like this for rivals so anyone with/without the game could watch publicly available replays?
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Re: Resource Totals in Replays

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That websites is shutted down but this feature would be great here too Standard smile

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Re: Resource Totals in Replays

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I wouldn't mind a button to hide the hud elements of pausing, speeding up/down, etc. to improve the look of casted/uploaded demos.


A real time network analysis of each player's ping would be great too, so that an observing player could see periods of lag and understand why micro is delayed.


APM counter for vanity's sake.


Favored player chance to win by %, pulling data from the win/loss records of players in the ladder with their unit loadouts. For example, someone who goes a lot of air units vs. someone who uses a lot of units that counter air would be favored approx 25/75. This lets viewers see when an upset happens.


If you're feeling particularly ambitious, a direct youtube api insert to let people record and upload the demo without need for 3rd party tools would definitely increase the game's exposure.

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