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Request:concede button

by d4rks3ar

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Request:concede button

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Whether you don't like losing or just don't have the time you thought you had it would be much easier to concede a match rather than force us to close the app and leave the other player hanging. 

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Re: Request:concede button

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Thats actually a pretty good idea. I once got steamrolled when I did a harvesters start and they sent 2 attack bikes to clean him up. I had to wait forever for him to destroy my base because the game was unsinkable at that point.

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Re: Request:concede button

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I agree!

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Re: Request:concede button

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I would like this feature very much. Maybe if we concede the battle, there could be less of a penalty or no penalty? Losing medals for losing battles is very discouraging and often keeps me from playing because I don't want to lose progress.

I know I'd play this game much more if there was no or less penalty for losing, and if there was a concede button.
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Re: Request:concede button

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Yeah... I had been mostly wiped so just close the app. But ethier way shouldn't be a lot of loss points like in other games. I'm fine with 10-20 point loss... But I do find 20-25 Is a lot after 4 losses out of 5 games.

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