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Remove luck

by NBRAD333

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Remove luck

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Ive been trying to figure out why this game doesnt have the appeal of all the other cncs ive played.

I realise this is prealpha and there will be updates, but the core premise of making a luck based cnc is the problem.

Apps use this luck in order to make money, there is no other reason and this factor works well in skill based games like sports games because you can overcome the lack of luck with skill.

In a strategy game however having this much luck is both frustrating and goes against the whole reason why cnc has been so popular over the years.

So lets talk money. Apps are created to make how can we keep cnc true to itself but convert it to app style?

Obviously we could just release it without restrictions and charge for the app...but thats not what were trying to do here.

The better way for me would be to use the coins and gems already in the game. Instead of getting crates you have to buy everything, like what is currently being done in the shop.

This way the more you win, the more gold you get, the better units you can buy.  It opens the choice of whether to level up or buy, you can add upgrades to units and you can strategically choose which units you want to buy.

Everyone will be on the same page, just whichever way they want to spend their gold will determine their strategy.

Pay to play will be able to buy units with gems so they can move up the ranks quicker, but grinders will still be able to get all units at a slower rate.

It would remove the problem with the 2 harvesters since everyone can purchase the 2nd one as soon as they have the gold/gems.

I know this would be a huge change and it probably wont happen, but by doing this you could have a really good app true to the style of cnc we all know and love!!


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