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Re: Regarding the many women soldiers in the game.

by Hume87

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Regarding the many women soldiers in the game.

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I would like to give my feedback on this topic.


I understand that this is the age of inclusive and diversity, that is all fine, however can't we be honest and say that it breaks immersion heavily?


Battles- as a whole are fought by man. Women are primarily caregivers (taking care of kids and doing normal city/village  work), they are not very suited for battle.


In the command and conquer games, there has been a few soldier women, like in total of  >1 % of all characters. In CNC rivals, it feels like every single character is a woman (actually around 50%), This gets worse when your 6 unit of choice are all women. 



So overall if we could lower the percentage of women soldiers in the game a bunch ( like 10%-25%)- I think from an immersion stand point it will be great. This of course will apply to future units.


Thanks for your time,

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Re: Regarding the many women soldiers in the game.

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I'm sure EA doesn't want what's going on with BFV to spill into C&C as well. You're entitled to your opinion and I encourage you to speak up for your beliefs, but ultimately this is a non-issue - women are just as capable as men with the types of weapons used and none of the battles are historically authentic/realistic.

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Re: Regarding the many women soldiers in the game.

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I don't think so. I think the female warrior who should join big boo bs in the future.

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Re: Regarding the many women soldiers in the game.

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So, C&C is not meant to be a realistic war game; not by any stretch of the imagination at this point. This isn't like making a historical, realistic Civil War game that the audience wants to play for authenticity and then making half of the soldiers female. C&C is not an authentic, realistic game and hasn't really been described as anything such since C&C95.


If you want to think of it in terms of the "realism" within the fictional world (i.e. what would somebody in this world realistically do) you would see quite a few women in combat service. The Tiberium Wars are a desperate, worldwide struggle where they need all the help they can get. I believe Tiberian Sun had multiple cutscenes where there were women in combat roles. Some of the pilots in C&C95 were female. Red Alert even had Tanya. There have been plenty of units with female voices throughout the series, and I really don't see this as an issue.

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Re: Regarding the many women soldiers in the game.

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Not to be rude but.. why is this a problem? Because it isn't 'realistic'? I'm not understanding the reason to try and apply this thinking to a game about fictitious war, that is clearly not set in realistic terms.


I really cannot fathom why you took the time to point this out and even notice it in the first place. Of all the things to suggest as an improvement to this game, you chose this. What is wrong with having women in the game? Are you not able to play the game the same way as if men were involved? Sorry, I really don't get it.

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Re: Regarding the many women soldiers in the game.

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Thank you for the reply guys,


I want to note that I do not want to remove women from the game. I am merely suggesting that the frequency of them appearing in future units should decrease by few percentage points. If the developers have other ideas, they can implement them as well. (Male skin/voice versions for currency)


Even if this is not real life, but a fictional title, in Command and Conquer there were never so many female characters. It was overwhelmingly man fighting other man in huge battles. Why was this decided to be changed so much if it was fine?


Overall this is not big concern, It is something that I would like the developers to notice and hopefully could be considered going forwards. Some of us would really appreciate it.




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Re: Regarding the many women soldiers in the game.

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Regarding our real world:


Historically men fought in battles/ wars because of physical fitness/ strength, among other things. To yield a sword was tough, I've held a long sword, it's very heavy I cannot even imagine how you would fight with it.


Forward to our last global war, the Second World War, still only men fought (Russia did have female pilots, tankers and snipers though). Tanks were mechanical requiring you to physically push levers, or repair a broken down tank in the field. And infantry kits were heavy to carry around and guns were not light either. So still very much a war of physical fitness and strength. Women were working in factories so already contributing to the war effort.


Today the gap between men and women in war situations has already become smaller. Think of drones and bombers, all using computer systems.


In the fictional Tiberium universe, tech has advanced way passed what we have today, we can assume most weapons and equipment/ vehicles to be computerized. And some combat gear to be nano suits or in some way assist the wearer when it comes to stamina and strength. And it is a all out global war, way worse than any of our real world wars were. So it is not hard to see how men and woman could be fighting in equal roles here.


Maybe this will be our reality some day too. If you look at how things are going today, it's not hard to see that. Look at some Asian militaries, they already have women in their armies today.


Maybe this helps with immersion.

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