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Refund of investment for rey

by DrLyric

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Refund of investment for rey

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The turn that this game takes is more and more disappointing. We spend 3 months to farm a character (Rey) with a high level of requirement and who was consider like the best character in the game, and 3 months after, she was useless : impossible to beat Kylo with a full resistance team (a big disadvantage en GAC), useless in HSTR and now, we can beat her with the new Vador...

So i want a refund of all my gear i use to upgrade resistance character since 3 months, or a transfert on SLKR requirement.

Thank you

A disappointed player

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Re: Refund of investment for rey

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I agree. The buffs on Kylo were awful to begin with but now that Vader a day 1 character can easily beat Rey is just disgusting. Like what was it all for? Thousands of crystals, thousands of gear pieces, farming characters that are useless, and then "the end all be all" Rey essentially gets nerfed by Kylo buffs and Vader buffs. 

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